A homage to Iran by Hadi Teherani and Christian Fischbacher | News | Architonic

When Camilla D. Fischbacher and Hadi Teherani met for the first time at a working lunch, they quickly realised that they had a lot of things in common. One is their shared country of birth, Iran, which they both only knew as children. Then they both emigrated to Europe: Teherani to Germany, while Fischbacher arrived with her family in Switzerland. Today, the creative director of the textile company Christian Fischbacher and the architect and designer both work in creative professions. The many parallels resulted in an intensive exchange. ‘I was born in Iran but influenced by the Western world,’ Tehrani says about his background. ‘About five years ago, I founded an office in Iran. Getting more involved with my roots has also brought me closer to myself. I’ve never denied Iranian origins, but I’ve never given them much space eithe…

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