A Passive House Construction in Seignosse

Near the ocean and therefore the Hossegor Lake, Caroline and Charl are currently owners of a 1700sqm plot and need to create a 300sqm passive house to measure as sustainable as possible. As a historical touristic area, the Landes county suffers from the conurbation and therefore the lack of sustainable buildings necessary to vary mindsets.

Aware of the footprint of each new construction during this world, they need to create their project as an example for subsequent decades in terms of environmental performance, design and nature relationship.

As nature lovers, the project owners also want to make an exemplary project of biophilic design. Behind this scholarly name, the aim is to make a house where landscape and architecture are designed together to create a real-life experience aimed toward the well-being of the occupants, the biodiversity of the plot and therefore the surrounding environment.

The entire project will need to meet Passivhaus institute’s Passive House certification requirements and reach the carbon footprint level of the E+C experiment launched by the French government as low as possible. Contemporary and biophilic design.

This project is not just a house project. It aims to become a reference in responsible architecture, aware of the energy and environmental challenges we face.

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