An all-British furniture collection bringing crafted comfort to our coffee breaks | News | “architectural resource”

We’re all at it: side-eyeing the latest AI tool that we suspect is out to take our livelihood. Look at it, all hard and mean and emotionless, promising ruthless efficiency and prompt delivery. Surely it can’t replace me? I can do all that with feeling, a smile and a coffee round thrown in! And therein lies our salvation: our humanity, our emotional intelligence, our soft skills. Why mention it? Because if soft skills are what we bring, soft furniture is what we need to nurture those invaluable attributes in the work environment.

Soft, beckoning breakout zones have become an essential part of office design – some might say since lockdowns gave us a taste for comfortable conferencing. More likely, however, as is the case for so many evolutionary trends during the pandemic, it is an acceleration of events underway; namely, the growing need to accommodate all-important social interaction in the workplace. For many office furniture makers, it has meant a dash to boost portfolios w…

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