Australian Good Design Awards 2023 Competition

Australian Good Design Awards 2023 Competition مسابقة جوائز التصميم الجيد الأسترالية 2023

Australian Good Design Awards 2023 Competition is now open for entries!

Australian Good Design Awards 2023 Competition: Australia’s Good Design Awards which recognizes and rewards excellence in design, innovation, and creativity at a national and international level, has started accepting entries for 2023 inviting all designers and innovators around the world to participate.

About Competition

Australia’s Good Design Awards, one of the longest-running international design awards in the world, is calling for entries for 2023.

Furthermore, Each year, through their annual Good Design Awards program, they recognize and celebrate excellence in cutting-edge design and breakthrough innovation. Moreover, The Good Design Award accolades are among the most respected and recognized international design endorsement symbols in the industry. Also, These registered trademarks are visible indicators of good design principles and an organization’s commitment to design excellence.

Furthermore, Entries represent projects across broad sectors and industries and cover everything from the design of everyday products we use, the clothes we wear, the services we interact with, and the places and spaces we occupy, to the design of the processes and systems that underpin our businesses, industries, economies and social habits.

In addition to the design disciplines represented in the Awards, the Good Design Award for Sustainability is awarded to a project that exemplifies excellence in design for sustainability practice and circular economy principles.

This year more than ever, the Awards hope to showcase game-changing design projects that improve our quality of life and contribute to a better, safer, and more sustainable future.

Moreover, The Good Design Judges consist of leading design experts and are selected based on their area of expertise and ability to bring an individual perspective to the evaluation process.

Additionally, The 2023 Good Design Awards will be presented at the annual Good Design Awards Ceremony in Sydney, in September.


  • Architectural Design – Includes architecture, interior design, landscape design, urban design, office, retailfit-outss, street equipment, environment, and exhibition design.
  • Communication Design – Includes corporate branding and identity, advertising campaign design, graphic design, POS displays, signage, wayfinding, and print media.
  • Digital Design – Includes software, websites and online portals, user interfaces, smartphone applications, animations, gaming, and digital media.
  • Engineering Design – Includes projects that represent excellence in all areas of Engineering Design. Additionally, Entries will be accepted that cover mechanical engineering design, electronic design, agricultural engineering, automotive engineering, heavy engineering, systems engineering, civil engineering, naval architecture, and structural engineering.
  • Fashion Design – this category has been established to recognize businesses that are using design and innovation to positively impact the future of the fashion industry, from a sustainability perspective.
  • Next Gen – The Next Gen Category (previously the Young Australian Design Awards), is open to young Australian designers, engineers, innovators,s and entrepreneurs. Additionally, It inspires the next generation of Australian designers and helps foster a culture of design, innovation, and creativity in Australia.
  • Precinct Design category – this cate will recognizenizee projects where a holistic design approach has been adopted in the design of precincts. And includes elements such as transport, education, health, and other services. Additionally, All improve the quality of life for people and contribute to better economic, social, and environmental outcomes.
  • Product Design – Includes industrial design, consumer product design, furniture design, software-electronics design, engineering design, medical device design, and automotive and transport design.
  • Service Design – Includes the design of services and systems for the private and public sector, education,n and government agencies. Moreover, the Sectors covered include banking, financial services, legal services, tourism services, health and medical services, insurance service,s and more.
  • Social Innovation – The objective of this category is to recognize the role of design in creating a better society.
  • Design Strategy – The main objective of this category is to recognize the role of design in driving business strategy. Moreover, The Design Strategy category has specific evaluation criteria that evaluate how organizations use design as a strategic tool to be more competitive.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Good Design
  • Design Innovation
  • Design Impact


This design competition invites all designers and innovators around the world to participate.


Also, Winning entries that receive a Good Design Award in the Winners Package at an additional cost.

The Winners Package includes:

  • Unlimited use of the Good Design Award Tick Trademarks
  • Winner’s Profile featured on Good Design Index
  • Featured in Good Design Awards Yearbook
  • Good Design Award Trophy
  • Good Design Award Certificat
  • Personalized Media Release with Judges”’ Comments
  • Exclusive access to pre-release tickets for Good Design Awards Ceremony and After Part
  • One Good Design Awards Yearbook (incl. delivery
  • Opportunity to feature in international and domestic exhibitions (subject to selection)
  • Use of the Korean Good Design Award Logo

Entry fees

  • Next Gen — AUD 450 per entry
  • Social Impact — AUD 950 per entry
  • All Other Disciplines — AUD 1,950 per entry

An Early Bird Discount of 10% will automatically apply to all entries submitted before midnight (AEST) Friday, 17 March.


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