barcelona headquarters for eyewear brand GIGI studios is curated by isern serra

isern serra’s Open Space for Interaction and Inspiration


GIGI Studios, a Barcelona-based company known for its handcrafted and innovative eyewear, has a new headquarters designed by Isern Serra to reflect its brand identity. The space moves away from the traditional office setting and creates a more creative and collaborative environment. Patricia Ramo, CEO and creative director of GIGI Studios, envisioned a space that embodied the Spanish brand’s core values: contemporary, sophisticated, and creative. The nearly 1,000-square-meter headquarters is designed to evoke Domus (home) and a Museum.

isern serra GIGI studiosimages © Salva López



Custom-Made Elements and Natural Light


The offices by Isern Serra aimed to redefine the concept of workspace for GIGI Studios. The nearly 900-square-meter space occupies one floor of a building with a rectangular layout. By removing unnecessary walls and placing service areas in the center, the design creates a large, open floor plan. This open floor plan fosters interaction and encourages collaboration among employees. Furniture is used to create both formal and informal meeting spaces throughout the vast area.


Every detail of the space has been thoughtfully designed to reflect GIGI Studios’ commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Custom-made furniture pieces function as works of art, surprising visitors and sparking creativity. Natural light plays a significant role in the design. The morning sun bathes the kitchen in a warm glow, while the afternoon sun creates a magical play of light and shadow in the showroom.

isern serra GIGI studios
GIGI STUDIOS’ new Barcelona headquarters combines the feel of a home and a museum



Offices that Embrace the Ethos of GIGI STUDIOS


The central core of Isern Serra’s offices for GIGI Studios is wrapped in a storage skin featuring circular niches made of stainless steel, which serve as shelves to showcase prototype books and materials. Large sculptural elements are scattered throughout the open space, creating unique work areas and ‘lungs’ within the office. The two entrances lead to welcoming areas designed for relaxation, informal meetings, and brainstorming sessions, all centered around a large, circular stainless steel sofa.

The open space features two distinct areas. Open Space 01 hosts a large, circular stainless steel sofa serves a dual purpose: a conversation area with seating on the inside and work tables or storage for design books along the perimeter. This area also features a custom-designed concrete work table and a higher table for team design. Meanwhile, Open Space 02 is defined by a large, C-shaped bench in the center. Curtains surrounding the bench offer adjustable privacy. The custom-made bench reflects the brand’s focus on craftsmanship and tradition.

isern serra GIGI studios
designed to reflect the brand’s creativity, the space features open areas and custom-made furniture



The showroom, the most unique space in the project, is partially visible through a circular opening with rounded edges. Divided into an exhibition area and a meeting area, the showroom maintains a minimalist aesthetic, allowing the eyewear to take center stage. Two large, sculptural tables made from concrete tabletops supported by carved Roman travertine rocks serve as the primary display for the products. A backlit cabinet showcases the rest of the collection, while a mirrored cabinet cleverly conceals a large screen.

A kitchen is designed as a space that fosters connection and relaxation, and features a large concrete island finished in micro cement. Two large communal tables with accompanying stools designed specifically for the project structure the space. The connection between the kitchen and the showroom allows for brand events to extend with a post-event dinner for guests.

isern serra GIGI studios
a kitchen is designed to feel like home, with a large island finished in micro cement



The office area features a curved tunnel with a niche sofa integrated into the wall, providing access to individual offices. These enclosed spaces offer the best views and feature custom-designed concrete tables with additional furniture for personal touches. Meanwhile, the main meeting room prioritizes natural light and scenic views. A large concrete table anchors the space, complemented by FF CHAIR chairs by Friends and Founders, offering a touch of lightness and sculptural interest.

barcelona headquarters for eyewear brand GIGI studios is curated by isern serra
large, open floor plans encourage interaction and collaboration among employees

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