BCI Interior Design Awards 2024

The BCI Interior Design Awards (IDA) 2024 invites submissions of Interior Design Projects that demonstrate a skillful mastery of color and texture, utilizing them to make a relevant and creative statement within the space. Beyond aesthetics, the designs are expected to address crucial aspects of sustainability, offering a positive impact on users’ experiences.

In the realm of interior design, colors and textures serve as the fundamental DNA, shaping the very essence and character of a space. These elements play a pivotal role in not only influencing the mood and visual allure but also enhancing the functionality of an interior environment. The varied palette of colors and the tactile richness of textures contribute to the depth and dimension of a space, creating a distinctive ambiance.

Participants are encouraged to select one category for their BCI Interior Design Awards 2024 project submission:


  • Individual houses (e.g., bungalows, detached houses)
  • Multiple houses (e.g., apartments, lofts, co-living)


  • Offices, co-working spaces, workplaces
  • Retail malls, department stores, boutiques, showrooms
  • Hotels, lodges, resorts, hostels, holiday villas
  • Food & Beverage establishments, restaurants, coffeehouses, cafes, bars
  • Art & entertainment arenas, cinemas, theatres, museums, galleries, exhibition halls
  • Healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics

Projects within similar categories will be evaluated together, emphasizing the unique fusion of color and texture while also considering the broader context of sustainability and positive user influence. Join us in showcasing your innovative design solutions that elevate the dialogue surrounding interior aesthetics and functionality.


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