Call For Entires: India Light Craft

Renowned architect and lighting designer Arjun Rathi recently announced India Light Craft – an open lighting design competition that encourages the utilization of non-traditional materials and sustainability exploring modern design sensibilities. The competition aims to make an independent luminaire which blends form & function – exploring the fine line between technical & decorative lighting to make a ‘techno-decorative’ luminaire.

While maintaining the stress on sustainable materials and crafts, the goal of the competition is to style a luminaire for production , which may be used across residential, commercial, or institutional projects. An inviting aspect of the initiative is that the winning entries are going to be taken into prototyping and commercial production by Arjun Rathi Design with the winners receiving design credit and royalty on sales.

Once the winning entries are selected by the jury, the prototyping and production processes with the artisan and craft communities are going to be carefully documented. The winning entries are going to be manufactured by the studio and launched as mass produced products purchasable .

India Light Craft are going to be liberal to enter for designers everywhere the planet . Arjun Rathi says, “We want to interact craft practices in India to supply fittings that allow exploration of sustainable, local and non-traditional materials used for production.” the assembly process also aims to assist generate employment for the artisan communities while creating a platform to get dialogue between the planning community and therefore the craft industry.

The competition is hospitable professionals, students, and style enthusiasts, alone or in artists’ collective, from every country within the world. Entries open till 7th August 2020.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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