UC Berkeley’s top-ranked College of Environmental Design is now accepting applications to its virtual summer programs incorporating architecture, architecture , town planning and concrete design, crafted for participants of all ages and backgrounds.

In the spring of 2020, the school was compelled to ask, “Can a program with studio at its core be taught during a virtual space?” Faculty and participants within the summer 2020 intensive courses answered with a powerful YES, and their work speaks for itself.

We hope you’ll join us in 2021 with questions of your own, and you, too, will have an impactful experience exploring answers with like-minded classmates from round the world.

Disc* (Design & Innovation for Sustainable Cities)

July 6-August 6, 2021
Currently Enrolled College Students
Architecture experience welcome but not required

Disc is an intensive five week summer program that takes an interdisciplinary and multi-scalar approach to style and analysis within the urban environment, incorporating elements of architecture, architecture , digital fabrication, urban design and town planning into its curriculum. Disc* participants engage within the discourses of urban innovation, acquiring the tools and expertise necessary to craft design-based solutions that meet the increasingly urgent challenges of worldwide urbanization.


July 6-August 13, 2021
Rising college Juniors/Seniors, Post-Baccalaureates
Experience in Architecture Required

[IN]ARCH ADV participants come from architecture programs across the world to spend six weeks strengthening their design portfolios, connecting to school and practitioners, advancing their conceptual ideas, building a world network of like-minded peers, and learning to ascertain their work, their practice and their world in clearer focus.


July 2-August 10, 2021
College Seniors and Post-Baccalaureates
No Architecture Experience Required

[IN]ARCH is an intensive program designed to immerse students within the foundational theories and practices of architectural design. The program is structured as an introduction to studio culture and architectural discourse, and is a vehicle for further academic pursuits within the field. [IN]ARCH participants find themselves making, representing, discussing and thinking in new ways, and encounter faculty hooked in to introducing new students to the present demanding and rewarding field.

embARC Summer Design Academy

July 6-August 6, 2021
High School Students
No Architecture Experience Required

embARC brings together highschool students from diverse backgrounds to explore architecture, urban design and sustainable town planning through integrated components: an Architecture + Urban Design Studio, a Sustainable Planning Workshop, a Digital Design Workshop, an Environmental Design Conversations Series, and a Tools + Materials Workshop.


July 6-August 13, 2021
College Seniors and Post-Baccalaureates
No Architecture Experience Required

The [IN]LAND program introduces participants to the practice of architecture as a lively inquiry. Students are going to be introduced to the basics of landscape architectural practice through the method of creating and experimentation as research into site potentials. Initial ideas are going to be developed and transformed through rigorous investigation during a collaborative studio environment. Students will develop a landscape vocabulary that engages with the concepts of ecology, public space, sustainability and multiple scales of design.

Apply at cedberkeley.slideroom.com.

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