Cassina’s sofa systems: bridging heritage and innovation | News | “architectural resource”

Cassina is renowned for its production excellence of sofa systems, and not just sofas – it’s a brand that has been integral to the development and refinement of design with a capital D. Acknowledging this, in 2022, the company joined the Special Register of Historical Trademarks of National Interest, established by the Ministry of Economic Development in Italy.

Cassina’s notoriety is rooted in its history, the present and the future. Originally founded in 1927 in Italy, from the 1950s it became a leader of industrial design whilst remaining committed to traditional craftsmanship. This blend of expertise still continues today in Meda, in the Brianza region, where each piece of furniture is still rigorously made.

Over the past years the quest for manufacturing distinction has only grown more ambitious and the company’s mission to ret…

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