Co Living California

Submission: May 10, 2021
Registration: May 10, 2021
Language: English
Location: Concept
Prizes: Please see details below
Type: Open


As more folks flock to urban living in quest of enhanced lives and professions, there’s a paradigm shift within the way we live, work, and play. Today, quite half the world’s population lives in cities. The century has witnessed a dramatic transformation from rural to urban to experience the expansion dynamism of the world’s metropolises. However, this ‘growth’ is chewing the space and adding a ‘weight’ to the functioning of the cities. The housing stock isn’t growing as fast as their migration and hence there’s a resurgence of co-living.

Co-living is becoming a housing model that permits anyone from millennials, young professionals, single women, digital nomads, or individuals relocating to border their lifestyles with people sharing a standard thread. it’s the intentional community participating in an increasingly shared economy and therefore the affordability of a convenient housing solution. Co-living is additionally touted together of the solutions to the environmental problems, a step towards the phase of the transformation. Today, the expanse of human construction has withdrawn people from the communal living within the urban areas. Humans are integrally social and co-living is that the novel social connector. The core characteristic of co-living is re-connecting the colourful communities with people and nature. it’s built on the notion of openness and collaboration to cohabit.

California is that the global hub and convergence point of an outsized number of entrepreneurs, technocrats and artistic minds. The larger area is home to thousands of massive and little companies that are harbingers of innovation. There are many people that are rotating this giant growth turbine. With growing urbanization, immigration and demographics, there’s a shortage of affordable houses in California. Archasm invites architecture students and professionals to style an aspirational self-sufficient ‘Co-living Housing in California’ that facilitates and enhances the experience of community living. The aim of the competition is to integrate the concept of co-living within a housing block to feature the social and community factor that’s lacking in these concrete blocks. The participants should strive to implement the thought of co-living on a housing scale where the amount of tenements are often economic viable and also become a dynamic and interactive prototype for the planet . the thought is to vary the perception and stereotype round the existing cold, rigid housing block and make a superfluous, extrovert and harmonious solution to the present long pending conundrum.

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