Conceptual Design Competition of Central Green Axis Public Space in Zhongshan OCT Harbour

Conceptual Design Competition of Central Green Axis Public Space in Zhongshan OCT Harbour

Architecture Competition: Conceptual Design Competition of Central Green Axis Public Space in Zhongshan OCT Harbour

City, green-axis, culture, public space… What would you imagine when these keywords land in Zhongshan, Guangdong?

Calculated Design Competition of Central Green Axis Public Space in Zhongshan OCT Harbor, wish to start up discussions around the advantageous interaction of metropolitan public space and neighborhood culture and history.

The competition welcomes various notable researchers and experts in the fields of building plan and nearby culture to sit on the passing judgment on table. We expect the most enthusiastic and imaginative understudy gatherings to vie for the 200,000 RMB prize in this late spring.

The subject of this competition is ‘Coincide with Culture’. On the site of 700 meters in length focal green-axis of Zhongshan OCT Harbor, the members will actually want to communicate their vision of the advantageous interaction of metropolitan public space and neighborhood culture through spatial portrayal.

In the mean time, imagination can be communicated unreservedly through components like accessorial constructions, establishments, road furniture and signage framework. By holding this competition, we trusted that the neighborhood culture will actually want to inundated into the regular routine of the city in a one of a kind, innovative and agreeable way. Just in this manner can the neighborhood culture present tough and lively essentialness.

01 Jury Committee


Founder and design principal of Vector Architects. Foreign member of French Academy of Architecture.

FENG Jiang

Professor of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology.

HAN Dongqing

Professor of School of Architecture, Southeast University. Chief architect of Architecture and Engineering Co., Ltd. of Southeast University.

LI Baofeng

Professor of School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Chairman of Wuhan Architectural and Urban Planning Design and Research Institute of HUST Co., Ltd.

LI Xiaodong

Professor of School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. Design principal of Li Xiaodong Atelier.

02 Judging and Awards

Making a decision about comprises of two phases: Professional Judging and Internet Judging. Proficient making a decision about will choose the First, Second and Third Prize, just as the Excellence Award (for example Top 30 design schemes). Grants are:

1st Prize (1 team): Certificate + 80000 RMB (tax inclusive)

2nd Prize (2 teams): Certificate + 30000 RMB (tax inclusive)

3rd Prize (5 teams): Certificate + 10000 RMB (tax inclusive)

Excellence Award (22 teams): Certificate

After the Professional Judging, top 30 design schemes will vie for the Popularity Award in the phase of Internet Judging. The declaration of the main 30 champs and the Internet making a decision about will be brought out through WeChat official record “有方空间” and “中山华侨城欢乐海岸”. Web Judging won’t have any impact on the outcomes chose by the Professional Judging. What’s more, the honors are:

Popularity Award (2 teams): Certificate + 5000 RMB (tax inclusive)

The main 30 design schemes will be shown on POSITION media stages. Chosen winning plans will be additionally evolved and executed.

03 Registration

1. The competition is available to undergrad, experts, and PhD understudies from homegrown and unfamiliar advanced education establishments undertaking programs in engineering, scene engineering, metropolitan arranging, and other plan-related disciplines. People and groups of people are both adequate, 4 individuals in a group most extreme.

2. Members can go to the competition landing page (, to fill in the Entry Information Form. You will be effectively joined when the structure is submitted.

3. The cutoff time for enlistment in September second, 2021 24:00 (UTC+8).

04 Topic Interpretation (Live Online)

For deeper understanding of the site, surrounding planning as well as history and culture of Zhongshan, we have invited a representative from Zhongshan OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and Professor FENG Jiang of South China University of Technology to introduce the competition background and the local culture and history of Zhongshan by lecture live online. We look forward to your participation on July 27th, 2021 19:30!


July 27th, 2021 19:30

Live Platform “有方空间” Live room (…)


1. Introduction of the Competition

Speaker: ZHAO Lei, Partner and Co-Founder of Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd

2. Introduction of the Planning of Zhongshan OCT Harbour

Speaker: Representative of Zhongshan OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

3. Heungshan·Zhongshan – Glimpse of its History and Culture

Speaker: FENG Jiang, Professor of School of Architecture, South China University of Technology

05 Design Tasks

5.1 Site Condition

The site of the competition should be the central green axis in Zhongshan OCT Harbor. Zhonghan is a city with long history and rich culture. The Zhongshan OCT Harbor, a huge blend utilized complex including society, the travel industry, diversion, relaxation, shopping, business and private capacities, is situated in Shiqi Sub-locale of Zhongshan, with an absolute site space of 297283 square meters.

Situated in the focal point of Zhongshan OCT Harbor, the site is around 50 meters wide from north to south and 700 meters in length from east to west, covering a space of around 33,000 square meters. The site, which incorporates Zhongshan Square and the footbridge across Gangkou River, is a moderately coordinated direct space. It is additionally a significant scene pivot and sight passageway of the city.

Site Panorama:…

5.2 Design Principles

Locality: Design scheme should have distinct local cultural characteristics, and correspond to local climate and social features.

Integrity: Design should highlight the integrity of the public space, while organically integrating into the surrounding environment.

Creativity: Design ideas that are open, innovative and close to public life are encouraged.

5.3 Design Guidance

The competition means to make an energetic public space mirroring the way of life of the city. The accompanying focuses ought to be considered:

1. Meet the Needs of Various Public Activities: The central green axis public space provides functions of traffic, leisure, public communication, festival activities and etc. Pedestrian traffic is dominant, while battery car will also be planned. The design scheme should exhibit strong accessibility, openness and connectivity.

2. Establish a Solid Spatial Narrative Logic and Create Landscape Sequences: The design scheme should establish a solid spatial narrative logic to tell the story of Zhongshan, creating a rhythmic and varied spatial sequence.

3. Adapt to the Local Climate: Design should give full consideration of the climatic characteristics of Lingnan region, as well as the effect of the site microclimate on the environment.

4. Pay More Attention to the Details Reflecting Ingenuity: While expressing the overall planning strategy of the central green axis, the participants can also propose key elements or key nodes capable of highlighting the story line and the scheme (no limit on the number).

5.4 Submission Requirements

1. Official language of this competition is Chinese. Documents in both Chinese and English are acknowledged. Report totally in English or other unknown dialect won’t be acknowledged.

2. Worldwide standard units of estimation (metric unit) ought to be applied in this opposition.

3. Design substance ought to be contained in 2 vertical A1 (594mm×841mm) show sheets and a TXT record. The plan substance ought to contain:

1) A general site plan;

2) Renderings, examination outlines, and drawings of the subtleties to communicate the ideas of the plan;

3) Drawings and photographs of actual model considered significant by the members;

4) Design Description.

4. The cutoff time for accommodation is September ninth, 2021 24:00 (UTC+8). Every one of the records ought to be submitted in advanced configuration, and every one of the works will be printed and shown by the co-coordinator.

5. The particular necessities of configuration substance are dependent upon the Competition Document.

06 Special Notes

1. Any text or imprints comparable to the creator’s name or organization ought NOT to show up on the drawings.

2. Just one plan can be presented by each group. Various entries are completely restricted.

3. The juries are not permitted to guide any members selected by the opposition.

4. All members should concur and submit to the substance and rules of this opposition. The coordinator saves the right of conclusive translation of the opposition rules.

5. After the coordinator pays the reward, the protected innovation privileges of the main eight winning plan plans (aside from the right of creation and the rights which are not adaptable as indicated by law) will be for all time and only moved to the coordinator.

6. The member possesses the licensed innovation privileges of the un-winning or un-chose configuration conspire. The coordinator and the co-coordinator have the rights, for nothing, to utilize all the plan materials submitted in the opposition, to distribute the outcomes after the assessment, and to present, show and assess the plan plot through media, proficient magazines, proficient books, or different structures.

7. The members ought to guarantee all substances of the plan entries are initially evolved without help from anyone else and contain no substance which might encroach on the licensed innovation privileges of an outsider. Something else, the members associated with encroachment will be held obligated to bear every single lawful result and excluded from this opposition. The coordinator has the option to demand to return or not to pay the important reward and to remunerate the coordinator and co-coordinator for all misfortunes caused.

8. For data identified with the opposition, the Competition Document ought to win.

07 Contacts and Material Acquisition

Link for Material Download

Official Website


For inquiries please send an email to following address: The subject should be “Inquiry”.

All Q&A will be published on the official competition website ( before August 4th, 2021. Please add the website to your bookmarks and look out for updates.

08 Organizations


Zhongshan OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Position Spatial Culture Development Co., Ltd.


Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism of Zhongshan

Shiqi Sub-District Office of Zhongshan Municipal Government

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