Examining the architecture and design trends for 2024

For this article, we took a peek into the upcoming year and examined the design trends for 2024. We also explored the architecture, design, and interior trends that will shape the coming year.

A selection of twelve structures are due for completion during the upcoming year, such as those designed by Kere Architecture, Sou Fujimoto, Zaha Hadid Architects and Foster + Partners.

Examining the architecture, design and interiors of 2024, we observed design trends for 2024 towards individualism in interior design. Furthermore, it could be viewed as an opposing reaction to the upsurge in AI design. In architecture, meanwhile, there appears to be less experimentation. Also, more of a focus on creating “safe spaces” for the year ahead.

Additionally, Max Fraser, Dezeen’s editorial director, foresaw that material intelligence will emerge and that there will be a surge towards obtaining sustainable accreditations in the field of design. This prediction was made in January of 2024.

Mercedes-Benz has taken on the task of constructing a high-rise in Dubai as part of their latest project.

A new development was unveiled by Mercedes-Benz and Binghatti: a supertall skyscraper in the centre of Dubai.

The firm’s first skyscraper to flaunt its logo is allegedly set to be 341 meters tall and situated near the Burj Khalifa.

Britta Seeger, a member of the management board for Mercedes-Benz Group AG, stated that their goal for their debut branded real estate residential tower is to build new grounds that carry the brand’s identity and offer their customers a place to arrive, de-stress and call home.

Details of Neom’s latest region were made public recently by 10 Design. A firm that specializes in creating yachting towns along the Gulf of Aqaba coastal area.

The Neom mega-development has unveiled its most recent area in Saudi Arabia. The Norlana on the Gulf of Aqaba coast, specialized for yachting activities.

Architecture studio 10 Design has created Norlana, an urban settlement which encompasses a marina on the Gulf of Aqaba. design trends for 2024

Furthermore, Catherine Slessor has voiced her opinion on Carlo Ratti’s newly appointed role as curator for the Venice Architecture Biennale. In her view, this was a great decision.

Catherine Slessor published an opinion piece after Carlo Ratti was appointed curator of the upcoming Venice Architecture Biennale. This article brings up the issue of how Italy’s far-right government could affect the event.

The selection of Ratti as the supposedly dependable Italian representative marks an abrupt change from the direction of [previous curator] Lesley Lokko, who had planned her position to be focused on decarbonisation and decolonisation, noted [the author].

Moreover, Design Week, an online design magazine in the United Kingdom, has declared that its magazine will no longer be released and its website will be deactivated in the coming weeks.

A statement announced that Design Week is terminating its publication with no delay.

Centaur, the parent company of Design Week, has determined that the periodical will be shut down as their strategy moves to concentrate on providing “marketers with training, information, and intelligence.”

Moreover, This week, the most popular project was a summerhome in Denmark, the Vollerup Atrium House, which was a monolithic retreat. design trends for 2024

This week’s most talked about projects included a large summerhouse along the Danish coast, a house in Massachusetts featuring a pitched roof. Addtionally, a store with a conversation area at its center in Los Angeles.


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