Easel – Unwind, sit back and relax


Hyeona Kim and WooSeok Lee splendidly make Easel, a 43-inch versatile home showcase framework.

Consistently incorporating natural Drove’s slim and light qualities, Seoul-based modern planners Hyeona Kim and WooSeok Lee conceptualize a 43-inch versatile savvy home showcase framework – ‘Easel’.

“With the pandemic restricting social exercises, particularly for those residing in urban communities; the main inspiration was the prospect of creating an item that engages one from the solace of their home. This is how we started Easel” says Kim and Lee.

Moreover, remaining consistent with its name with a moderate tasteful. In fact, we can easily set up this item in any place from inside to outside, changing any region into your very own space.

Additionally, its general shape and smooth lines permit you to balance magazines on its lower rack or even put a few extras on top of it – transforming it into an interesting household item.

By just collapsing your Easel, you can without much of a stretch move this item through the lounge to the kitchen or even the gallery and front deck on radiant days.

Zeroing in on congruity with insides containing exceptional innovation; its casing is aluminum and plastic including three dazzling variety varieties of ivory, winter-green, and graphite.

Filling in as a natural Drove show that is further accessible in a straightforward choice. Generally, it’s in mathematical line molded outline permits electric get together with back control parts; which we can use exclusively for sound too.

Without extra electronic gadgets, we can use this item many items from work to TV, OTT administrations, and gaming.

Using artificial intelligence right-hand administration, screen reflecting, and bluetooth speakers to grow the scope of utilization – is conceivable as well.

“This item’s showcase mirrors nature that continually changes and supports commitment” add Kim and Lee.

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