Envision Tomorrow’s Israel

Located  in the desert city of Be’er Sheva, Israel, this 21 section of land town will fill in as an eco-arrangement of Zionist commitment including Jewish National Fund’s secondary school abroad, a program for present school graduates on seek after yearlong temporary positions at driving innovative organizations, and an Adult Education Center to meet grown-ups, assemblies, educators, all to alter Jewish instructive commitment for the a very long time ahead.
Accommodation Opening: 2/04/21
Accommodation Deadline: 4/15/21
Declaration of finalists: 5/13/21
Jewish National Fund (JNF) welcomes all planners, understudies, creators, ‘huge scholars’, instructors and scene draftsmen from around the world 18 years and more established to present thoughts.
Call for Ideas
Imagine Tomorrow’s Israel expects to request thoughts for key components of this Village including dorms, secondary school homerooms, gathering focus space, café’s, places of love, outside nurseries, or entranceways. Furthermore, JNF looks for a one of a kind plan idea — a notable design — as a methods for pulling in individuals to the desert city of Be’er Sheva.
Core values
Entries ought to be guided by JNF’s main goal to help discussion, schooling and empower communication among the Village clients. Entries ought to be guided by the subject of Judaism, development, desert climate, and front line thoughts to relieve environment effect and manageability.
How does the plan incorporate to the area of Be’er Sheva? The Middle East? How does the plan intensify the set of experiences and current importance of Zionism? How does the plan bring up issues about character? Support place of refuge for commitment? How does the plan empower an animating and vivid learning climate when learning about Israel IN Israel? How does the plan bridle Israel’s imaginative culture as it identifies with diminishing the requirement for non-environmentally friendly power assets? How does the plan go about as an entryway into JNF’s exercises in the Negev?
Accommodation Requirements
Entries ought to incorporate close to one picture (delivering, sketch, outline or other; JPEG records just, 12 x 18 picture, close to 20MB) and a going with theoretical/story not to surpass 500 words. Realistic renderings need not be proportional.
Assessment Criteria
Contestants are urged to think about usefulness and style in building up their plan ideas. Unique, imaginative plan thought arrangement clarifications are wanted. Plan thoughts ought to show consolidation of the Guiding Principles and incorporate energy/natural ideas and simplicity of support.
Michael Arad, David Kaufman, Taal Safdie, Stephen B. Jacobs, Alon Ben-Gurion, Guy Elitzur, and Kenneth Stein.
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