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The Bratislava Summit 2024

May 28 @ 8:00 am - May 29 @ 5:00 pm

The Bratislava Summit 2024: Start With Children is scheduled to take place from May 28-29 in the historical city centre of Bratislava, Slovakia. This significant event aims to foster a global movement where mayors lead urban development initiatives with a primary focus on children’s health and wellbeing.

Objectives and Goals

The summit’s main objectives are to inspire mayors and urban leaders to prioritize children’s needs in city planning, to disseminate good practices on a large scale, to forge new partnerships and networks, and to establish a long-term commitment through a mayors’ task force dedicated to child-friendly urban design.

The summit underscores the importance of creating urban environments that cater to children and their caregivers, thereby improving the overall quality of life in cities. By focusing on the younger population, the event aims to lay a strong foundation for sustainable and inclusive urban development.

Program Overview

Over two days, the Bratislava Summit will feature a diverse array of activities, including keynotes, panels, workshops, tours, exhibitions, and networking events. These sessions will not only present theoretical frameworks and evidence but also provide practical insights and hands-on experiences to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to implement child-centric urban designs.

Keynote Speakers and Themes:

  • Anna Dworakowska: Co-founder of the Polish Smog Alert, Dworakowska will discuss mobilizing citizens and parents to tackle air quality issues locally, drawing from successful campaigns to improve environmental health.
  • Jan Gehl: A renowned figure in urbanism, Gehl will speak on designing human-scale, walkable cities that prioritize the needs of children, advocating for urban environments that support active lifestyles and community engagement.
  • Gil Penalosa: Founder of 8 80 Cities, Penalosa will share insights on child-friendly urban planning, emphasizing active mobility, safe routes to school, and the importance of accessible parks and playgrounds. He will also explore methods to engage children and youth in the planning process.
  • Ankita Chachra: Director of Climate at Capita, Chachra will address the impact of the climate crisis on children and caregivers. She will highlight opportunities for cities to prioritize the youngest citizens in their climate action plans, promoting resilience and sustainability.

Topics of Focus

The summit will delve into various critical topics through its sessions, including:

Fostering Citizens of the Future: This segment will explore how communities can nurture children to become active and responsible stewards of their surroundings. Discussions will focus on the role of childcare networks and community support in shaping children’s lives and their ability to thrive.

Scaling Neighborhood Planning to Our Smallest Citizens: This topic will investigate the influence of a child’s neighborhood on their educational outcomes, emotional development, and economic opportunities. The sessions will emphasize designing public spaces and infrastructure that ensure the safety, well-being, and development of children.

Addressing Children’s Vulnerability to Climate Change: This theme will examine how urban planning can mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on children, who are among the most vulnerable populations. The focus will be on sustainable practices in urban development that safeguard children’s futures.

Interactive and Engaging Sessions

The summit will offer various interactive formats to engage participants deeply:

  • Walking and Cycling Tours: These tours will provide firsthand experience of child-friendly urban spaces, showcasing successful implementations of the principles discussed.
  • Hands-On Skills Workshops: Participants will engage in practical sessions to develop skills in designing and implementing child-centric urban projects.
  • Focused Panel Discussions: Expert panels will delve into specific issues, providing detailed analysis and solutions.
  • Networking Events: These events will facilitate connections among attendees, fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Registration and Additional Information

To participate in The Bratislava Summit 2024: Start With Children and to access more detailed information, interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to visit the event website. The website provides comprehensive details on the program, speakers, and registration process.

By focusing on children’s health and wellbeing, the Bratislava Summit 2024 aims to reshape the way cities are designed and managed, ensuring that the youngest and most vulnerable members of society are placed at the forefront of urban planning and development efforts.


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May 28 @ 8:00 am
May 29 @ 5:00 pm

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