The Feeel Design World Prize 2023-2024 has officially opened for entries, offering a prestigious platform for designers and creative professionals involved in the material environment. Organized by Feeel Design company in collaboration with an international panel of experts, the competition aims to promote enduring and aesthetically compelling designs using natural materials.


The competition seeks to move beyond fleeting trends and fast fashion, focusing instead on artistic and timeless designs that resonate with the principles of object design. Feeel Design aspires to uncover and celebrate fresh talent in interior and industrial design, aiming to create products that stand the test of time and offer sustainable, long-lasting appeal.


Participants can submit entries in the following categories:


  • Series: Design of multiple related furniture items.
  • Collections: Cohesive groups of furniture.
  • Chill & Relax: Furniture for leisure and relaxation.

Interior Design

  • Contemporary Interiors: Modern and current interior designs.
  • Classic Interiors: Timeless, traditional interior designs.
  • HoReCa: Designs for hotels, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Offices: Office interior design projects.

Prize of the Industry

  • Creator: Recognizing the overall creative achievement.
  • Object: Focus on specific designed objects.

Architectural Product

  • Partitions & Screens: Designs for room dividers and screens.
  • Shelves & Wine Holders: Functional and aesthetic storage solutions.


  • Light: Innovative lighting designs.
  • Park & Garden: Designs for outdoor spaces.
  • Textile & Carpets: Creative textile and carpet designs.

Pure Metal

  • Designs that utilize metal as a primary material.

AI Generated Design

  • Designs created or enhanced through artificial intelligence.

Product Design

  • Interior Design: Products intended for interior use.
  • Architecture: Architectural products and designs.


The competition is open to:

  • Individuals: Solo designers with exclusive copyright for their designs.
  • Private Designers: Independent designers and freelancers.
  • Creative Associations: Groups or collectives of designers.
  • Companies: Businesses with proprietary rights to the designs they wish to submit.

Projects must be implemented in 2018 or later for the Interior Design category. Previous publication or participation in other competitions does not disqualify submission.

Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be judged on the following aspects:

  • Unlocking the Potential of Natural Materials: How effectively the design utilizes natural materials.
  • Aesthetics of the Product: Visual and artistic appeal.
  • Potential Production Technologies: Feasibility and innovation in production techniques (specific categories).
  • Originality of the Product: Uniqueness and creativity.
  • Potential Longevity: Durability and long-term usability.


Awards will be distributed as follows:

  • First Place: Award, commemorative diploma, and potential additional awards.
  • Second Place: Award, commemorative diploma, and potential additional awards.
  • Third Place: Award, commemorative diploma, and potential additional awards.
  • Grand Prix: For the best overall project.

Winners will be considered for collaboration with Feeel Design and partners for potential production of serial products, excluding honorary categories and interior categories.

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