FuturArc Prize – Architecture for Life After

In challenging circumstances, the field of architecture holds the potential to instill hope and foster renewal. The FuturArc Prize 2024, themed “Architecture for Life After …,” invites participants to envision architectural solutions that transcend the aftermath of Climate Destruction and Endings scenarios in Asia.

Open internationally to both architecture students and professionals, this competition encourages individual entrants or teams of up to 5 individuals (with a requirement that solo entrants or team leaders possess an architecture background).

Awards totaling up to SGD20,500 in cash prizes await outstanding submissions. The recognition includes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places, as well as several Merits determined by the esteemed jury’s selection. FuturArc Prize – Architecture for Life After

This competition serves as a platform for creative minds to propose innovative architectural interventions that not only address extreme conditions but also contribute to the resilience, hope, and renewal of communities in the face of environmental challenges. Join us in redefining the future of architecture and shaping spaces that inspire life beyond adversity.


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