jumpthegap® Roca International Design Competition

jumpthegap® aims to be one of the major agents proposing solutions to the challenges included in the 2030 agenda, thanks to the participation of professionals from the architecture and design sectors in the competition.

The contest is open to professionals and students from the disciplines of architecture, design and any related field, of legal age from every country.

The bathroom, in the broadest sense, becomes the centralizing space for different human uses and needs, both physical and emotional, which define us and position us in the world. In this sense, we ask participants to design a product or service that:

  • responds to any of the topics listed in the categories below, providing enough added value when compared with existing solutions
  • relies on currently available materials and technologies
  • is aligned with one or more Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 agenda

The 10th edition of the competition establishes four categories:

Wellness & Health

Designs that enhance the necessity for balance and harmony between our bodies, our mind and our surroundings . Proposals that help deliver an entire new level of comfort and peace of mind for our users and clients. Smart and responsible use of latest technologies and materials to realize significant improvements within the interactions between humans and their environment:

+ Hygiene and cleanability

+ Wellbeing

+ Health monitoring

+ Augmented senses

+ Sensitive interfaces

+ Emotional and spiritual

+ Physical and digital

+ Playful and useful

+ Work and leisure

[Un]neutral design

Designs that ingeniously and meaningfully address the bodily diversity and therefore the wide selection of capacities displayed by citizenry . Proposals that facilitate independent living through new creative personal aid features. an enquiry for adaptive designs that cause comfortable and convenient solutions. A reconfiguration of traditional bathroom equipment and organisation to push for unrestricted use of the space by a wider range of human beings:

+ Gender + Ethnic + Age inclusive

+ Multigenerational household

+ Reduced mobility and strength

+ Impaired eyesight/hearing

+ Memory loss and cognitive diversity

+ Newborns and kids

Water & energy

Designs that promote a change within the face of rising demands and constraints as a consequence of increase and global climate change . Projects that promote a sensible and conscious use of planetary resources. Technological leaps that break the idea of the earth as a vast resource, and reformulate paradigms through:

+ Degrowth and decarbonisation

+ Clean energy

+ Circular design

+ Water saving

+ Microgeneration

Crisis & emergency

Designs that tackle a context of permanent crisis and emergency, through agile, feasible and replicable materials and technologies. Proposals that identify adequate product/service solutions in any geographical market. A series of kit with low installation costs, low operating costs, low maintenance demands and low sensitivity to harsh environments, that promote:

+ Flexible systems

+ Decentralized solutions

+ Autonomous water, energy and sanitation networks

+ Sanitation and health in natural disasters

+ On time reaction to humanitarian emergencies

+ Health crisis

The jury is made up of the following professionals:

·       President:  Shigeru Ban, Architect founder of Shigeru Ban Architects

.       Somi Kim, Senior Director, Healthcare Solutions at Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Design

·       Paul Priestman, Designer, Chairman of PriestmanGoode

·       Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin_Forma Fantasma design studio

·       Deborah Seward, Director of United Nations Regional Information Centre in Belgium

·       Mariana Amatullo, President of Cumulus International Association of Universities and              Colleges of Art, Design and Media

·       Isabel Roig, Executive Director of Barcelona Design Centre & President of World Design              Weeks

·       Marc Viardot, Corporate Marketing and Design Director Roca Group


There are 4 prizes of 2.000€ for the winner of each category.

There are 8 prizes of 500€ for the 1st and 2nd runner up of each category.

There is 1 prize of 5.000€ for the best of the best project, selected from the winners of each of the 4 categories

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