Lundhs Real Stone: Nature’s Elegance

Line Moller Maersk, product marketing manager at Lundhs, the Larvik, Norway-based natural stone producer, states that most modern-day consumers prefer buying products from companies with common values and want to be informed of the items’ backgrounds. Lundhs makes it their mission to make traceability from quarry to the final product accessible with each countertop coming with a certificate that declares the source and ascertains the quality. As the largest producer of rough blocks located in Northern Europe, Lundhs Real Stone is exported to countries everywhere, the United States included. This year, it launched its first tile collection.

According to research, fifty percent of customers believe wellness to be imperative in their lives. Furthermore, designers have determined that to accomplish relaxation, balance, and recharge, individuals want to incorporate nature into their homes. Lundhs Real Stone countertops provide home-dwellers this opportunity without the worry of wear and tear or difficult upkeep. What is most intriguing concerning these countertops is their unique geology. Larvikite and Anorthosite, two of the stones employed, encompass an uncommon combination of feldspar crystals. Thus, granting each piece its own individual beauty. Additionally, Lundhs Real Stone is sturdy and stress-free to cut for skilled stone fabricators. Blades are not essential and there are no restrictions with respect to contours.

Lundhs recently debuted its stunning tile collection in the United States, which emanates the same top-notch performance and singular beauty that are characteristic of Lundhs Real Stone.

Moller Maersk explains that the tile collection was developed to provide customers with the opportunity to pick the same high-performing stone for floors, walls and backsplashes, in order to mix and match designs. She added that these tiles can be used with numerous colour schemes. Therefore, enabling customers to create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and conveys a tranquil atmosphere derived from nature. Lundhs Real Stone is ideal for wet areas like spas and steam showers, with its non-absorbent qualities. Also allowing for integrated sinks with countertops.

With steady dedication to the environment, Lundhs has a no-waste policy. It enables it to use every remaining piece of stone from the quarry. This comprehensive approach is supported and strengthened with the aid of architects, designers, and builders. Per Moller Maersk, Lundhs will keep looking for new and creative solutions to maintain sustainability.


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