Meticulously curated “Sagewood Hong Chun” relaxation space

Meticulously curated "Sagewood Hong Chun" relaxation space

Meticulously curated “Sagewood Hong Chun” relaxation space

Sagwood Hongcheon is located in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do, 700 meters above sea level in a pleasant and eco-friendly space. This building, along with a world-class golf course in nature surrounded by beautiful mountains, is a 128-room hotel for members with a total floor area of ​​43,140.26 square meters (about 13,000 pyeong) and a training facility equipped with various auxiliary facilities.

The hotel rooms consist of five apartments and unique designs that can accommodate a variety of client groups, equipped with additional facilities such as a fine dining restaurant, outdoor pool, indoor pool, sauna, fitness and golf driving range. . Training facilities include an amphitheater, cafeteria, banquet room, group discussion room, library and an outdoor amphitheater that can seamlessly accommodate professional educational activities. For efficient operation, the main auxiliary facilities are designed to be used complementary to each other.

In order to create a complex where you can enjoy the landscape while in harmony with the mountains and the terrain, a low-rise (3 storey or less) terrace type construction was completed, divided into several buildings with a canopy roof and precisely positioned on the north side of the complex, giving the feeling that you are You rest naturally on the floor. In addition, after creating a large landscaping space between the building and the road, the 6-meter level difference was used to block vehicle noise and secure visual privacy.

The recreational forest surrounding the golf course located to the south was connected by a courtyard coming, the elevation of the terrain was naturally shaped using the sloping terrain, and an extensive training facility and underground parking were efficiently placed in the underground. space. The ballroom, banquet hall and cafeteria in the third basement are in contact with and communicate with the outdoor amphitheater, the natural outdoor space made up of ponds, lawns and woodland, balancing the feel of the basement.

The spacious and intimate lobby connects the main entrance and yard with the outdoor swimming pool and the restaurant on the first floor with open lift and stairs comfortably. The lobby, main dining room, pool, and larger rooms use detailed glulam timber structures to create a feel of woodland architecture while securing the connection to the existing clubhouse.

The spacious square plan balcony of the room not only allows for smooth ventilation throughout the room, but also provides a place where you can enjoy the beautiful views of the front and back sides, people can enjoy the unique golf course in South Korea and you can enjoy the mountain views.

The indoor pool has a sense of space as if it is floating in the air while communicating with the softly falling sky through a large skylight.

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