Modulnova Art Project (MAP): Design and Art

For its inaugural edition, Italian Modulnova explores the multifaceted world of fine art photography. MAP 2023 spotlights Turin-based photographer and anthropologist, Patrizia Mussa, in collaboration with Claudio Composti’s PhotoPastel project and Paola Sosio Contemporary Art Gallery. Emphasizing that a brand’s role is more than producing, Modulnova has identified art as a key element in its modus operandi.

Their excellence and commitment to beauty are showcased through Mussa’s photographs of Italian architectural landmarks, from theaters to Baroque churches, transformed into imaginary, timeless works of art with the help of hand coloring. According to Composti, the PhotoPastel series is “a genuine mental image” thanks to Mussa’s painstaking hand-painted interventions. In this era of cultural cross-pollination, MAP by Modulnova is a platform for experimentation, collaboration, and the transmission of values between art and design. Through photography, Mussa open doors to “a quiet nostalgia of closeness.”


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