MOTION ZERO introduces a new dimension in meditation design

Beyond its decorative potential, MOTION ZERO is a crafted functional tool to enhance meditation. At its center is an eye-catching metal egg, which rests atop a glass base to spin and draw the observer into a deeper focus. Users have the opportunity to time their meditative session for either a short few minutes or an extended hour with easy-to-use metal spheres, an intuitive interface of the device. Multiple modes are available, the Focus mode is arranged with 21 different “randomness” sensors to determine the egg’s movements. The Anchor mode slows down its spin, serving as a reminder to bring back the wavering attention.

Moreover, MOTION ZERO was founded with the aim to make meditation more accessible and useful. In our current society of constant pressure and fatigue, taking a break for yourself can be difficult. This product wants to bridge that gap and give more people the opportunity to experience the multiple benefits of meditation, including reducing stress, enhancing your attention span, and increasing your memory recall. Additionally, MOTION ZERO helps users achieve the meditative state faster and effortlessly, even for those who are unfamiliar with the practice.

MOTION ZERO introduces a new dimension in meditation design

MOTION ZERO is visually striking through its combination of geometric and organic shapes: concentric circles and waves reminiscent to the ripple of a drop of water poetically symbolize the monumental impact of a single moment of mindfulness. The centerpiece, a metal egg-shaped element, has both an air of mystery and a captivating spinning motion. Inviting observers to experience meditation through a combination of sight and touch for a truly timeless feeling.

Furthermore, Established in 2023 by the trio Giacomo Di Muro, David Windestål, and Chad Kapper. MOTION ZERO LLC is the company behind this innovative product. Allowing people to enjoy the many benefits of meditation by providing simple tools that make the process easier.

Harnessing their collective expertise and dedication, their goal is to create products. Therefore, provide a practical purpose and enhance the aesthetics of any setting.

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