Call for Ideas: Parametric Design Competition

Cities are home to quite 50% of the planet population, which is formed from about seven billion inhabitants. This figure is projected to extend significantly to about 75% by 2050. this suggests that the bulk of inhabitants are going to be predicted to measure in urban areas by 2050.

The benefits of urbanisation are quite clear, with cities not only being historical and cultural hubs but also the world’s economic hotspots. However, there also are many problems related to modern cities. With the present rate of growth of cities, competition for natural resources has risen to inexplicable levels, leading to a worldwide resource shortage. Rapid urbanisation has led to increased stress on the prevailing infrastructures and provide chains, leading to social changes like lack of a cohesive community.

This brings us to the foremost important aspect of this project – we aim to revamp the consumption and living patterns of communities to form them self-sustainable and eco-friendly. The implication is to revive the horizontal division of labour and rekindle the sharing spirit which will cause a culture of community living. By increasing the efficiency of resource allocation, we aim to boost the bar for self-sustenance and resilience of cities.

It’s time to revamp our future!


Participants are to settle on a site area of three ,000 sqm in Southeast Asia and style a self-sufficient community with each dwelling unit of no quite 25 sqm. The dwelling unit are going to be the start line for a community to grow and flourish within the future. Participants are encouraged to use out-of-the-box concepts to make resourceful spaces with maximised functionality and minimum footprint.

The dwelling unit should meet the following requirements:

Maximum of 25 sqm of floor area per person with private and additional shared space.

The design caters to the individual’s personal needs (resting, bathing, cooking and working) and community requirements (interacting).

Portable and easy to assemble/construct on site, easily scalable (modular) to a community (vertically or horizontally).

Made of eco-friendly and affordable materials.

Able to maintain indoor temperature within the range of 24 – 28 degree Celsius.

The design is structurally feasible and must satisfy local codes for wind, lightning and rainfall protection.

Participants are encouraged to think beyond the current standards of sustainability and use the below mentioned parameters to design the dwelling and community, through an integrated systems approach.

Daylight, Solar potential, Wind analysis, Energy, Green space, Blue space, Road network and footprint, Food and Resilience.


Student Category – up to $3,000 SGD

Open Category – up to $2,000 SGD

Key Dates

Submissions are to be made via email to by 31 December 2020.


The competition is open to all. No professional qualifications are required.

For more information about the Parametric Design Competition, visit

Download the information related to this competition here.

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