Online x Offline – Technology and living patterns of architecture


With the worldwide unrest coming to a hamper – these 6 months changed our dependence on our already steep dependence on technology to the acute .

Meetings shifted to zoom, restaurants shifted to uber eats, classroom shifting to Coursera – the list just begins. we’ve an app exactly for each single need today, and that’s not even surprising.

It must be addressed that this is often something that wasn’t entirely unforeseen, the pace however needs addressing.

This month’s Litera’s topic focuses on how our society and architecture will answer an assertive technological push.

Decide a facet (Work, Housing, Fashion, Food, etc.) on what intrigues you most about this shift.

Research the web , use interviews, or your observations in lifestyle fast-forwarding to create your research and answer the questions below in an essay of about 1000-1500 words and three images or less.


In your research, you ought to particularly reflect on what exactly it’s about this particular facet that brings out an unprecedented upcoming transformation between the web and offline world. The views are expected to be analytical, instead purely utopian/dystopian approach across the topic . The essays are expected to be a guide

● What parts of the facet chosen and why is it relevant?

● How does one perceive a person’s and social response to such change? (Psychological and Physical)

● How do these changes pan call at long term?

● What are/maybe upcoming allied technologies emerging accelerate/decelerate/alter these changes?

● the most important reason for rampant adoption isn’t just convenience, but cost also . How will this rapid shift change economic patterns in city building?

● What lessons/shifts can the architecture fraternity include in their teaching or practice

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