The Demos and Posters Exhibit at the MAB gives artists, architects, planners, city officials, designers, researchers and other professionals the prospect to exhibit their work to a world audience, including leading practitioners and researchers within the fields of Media Architecture & Urban Interaction Design. We are trying to find early-stage prototypes, more mature work-in-progress or learnings from finished projects.

Possible exhibition formats include photos, posters, videos, diagrams, and other formats which will be presented online. Demos and Posters might be wont to showcase artworks publicly space, media architecture elements like facades or interactive installations, research projects, smart city & citizen or living lab experiments, design prototypes of products and services, city visions, conceptual (design) frameworks etc.

The focus of the Demos & Posters Exhibit is on sharing insights and learnings of upcoming, ongoing and recently finished projects. Exhibits should make these learnings, insights, goals or conceptual frameworks involved clear and invite visitors to reflect and discuss. an honest submission explains the questions or issues it addresses, the proposed intervention and the way this is often alleged to work also as insights or learnings derived from the project.

Demos and Posters are going to be exhibited online during the MAB from Jun 28 – Jul 2. Presenters are going to be given a spot in a web exhibition space, and are expected to be present online to debate their work with visitors during the conference time slots reserved for the Demos and Posters exhibition (approximately 1 hour between June 30-July 2nd). We expect these periods to be lively sessions where presenters will receive feedback from a world audience.

Demos and Posters are going to be documented within the Media Architecture Online archive – a publicly accessible website. those that wish to try to to so, also can submit a politician abstract in ACM-format to be published within the official conference proceedings.

Call opens: 22 February 2021
Submissions deadline: 8 May 2021
Selections announced: 1 June 2021
Camera-ready version: 15 June 2021
Online exhibition opens: 28 June 2021
Demos and posters online sessions: 30 June – 2 July 2021

The following information is required.

– Title & author(s)
– Clients, Site and/or context of implication
– sort of project
– Abstract: brief description of the work, central themes, proposed intervention and insights.
– For Posters: a pdf of the poster to present
– For Demos: a (max) 3 minute video demonstrating the project.
– Additional images
– (optional) ACM-format abstract for inclusion in conference proceedings

*Participants can send a billboard , a demo (video) or both.


The theme for the Media Architecture Biennale 2020 is Futures Implied. the subsequent themes are therefore of specific interest:

THE AESTHETICS AND POETICS OF RESPONSIVE URBAN SPACES: Media architecture that contributes to a way of place, deepening citizen’s understanding of and attachments to local sites, and making them more legible, imaginative and inclusive.

CITIZEN’S DIGITAL RIGHTS within the ERA OF PLATFORM ECOLOGIES: Media architecture that articulates public values and allows citizens to control through digital platforms, instead of be governed by them.

PLAYFUL & ARTISTIC CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: Media architecture that enacts people-centric interventions through which citizens themselves learn, negotiate and make innovations through play and games.

RESTORATIVE CITIES: Media architecture that permits societies to regenerate socially, ecologically, physiologically on multiple levels, from the individual to the town as an entity of systems.
More-Than-Human Cities: Media architecture that embraces the well-being of the natural ecosystem as an entire .

The Media Architecture Biennale is that the world’s premier event on media architecture, urban interaction design, and concrete informatics. It brings together architects, artists and designers, leading thinkers on urban design, key industry and government representatives also as community activists. Together, they explore the planning and role of media within the built environment and its implications for urban communities and ecosystems.

The MAB20, themed #FuturesImplied and originally planned for the autumn of 2020, will happen on June 28th – July 2nd, 2021 in a web format. All of the main events like workshops, keynotes, awards and paper sessions are going to be accessible online from locations throughout the planet . We still hope to be ready to accompany these with some smaller scale, on-site meet-ups in Amsterdam and Utrecht, counting on Covid regulations at that point . Our goal is to make sure we offer an exciting and safe experience to the MAB-Community.

Demos & Posters Chair : Juan Carlos Carvajal B., Media Architecture Institute |

The Media Architecture Biennale 2020 is organized by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences together with Utrecht University.

Executive Committee & General Chair: Martijn de Waal, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Frank Suurenbroek, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences; Nanna Verhoeff, Utrecht University; and Michiel de Lange, Utrecht University. Program Chairs: Dave Colangelo, George Brown College Toronto; and Ava Fatah, UCL Bartlett.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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