Open Call: Marissa Villas (Town Houses) in Dammam City

The vision for the project is to create a up to date , efficient, neat attached villas (town-houses) in Ash Shatti Sharqi, Dammam, Saudi Arabia . Our main goal is to supply the buyers with a unprecedented , smart lebensraum that satisfies their needs and allows them to measure comfortably. additionally , having the ability to measure in an affluent area for a reasonable price.

This is one among the new projects for Alsalimi Company; the land is found in Ash shati Sharqi, Dammam city.
Ash Shatti area is characterized as a classy district featuring high income households, mostly residing in residential town houses, villas and compounds. The research shows that the world has high demand for Residential villas, our aim is to face out from the gang by providing high level of living experience in an affluent area with a reasonable price.

The design approach to the Villas may be a fusion of up to date , unique and chic architecture and interior design. The aim is to be ready to give the client a luxury and cozy lebensraum that’s within the budget and market value . The Contemporary design allows for a broad range of designs to smoothly blend to mold different home ambience consistent with different consumer preferences.

It is very helpful to have a look at the competition brief video.

Site General Characteristic: There are two different land plots, Block 4 and Block 6. They are both almost Rectangular-shaped land plot measuring approx. 5,400 sqm.

  • Block 4 two long sides (approx. 90m) facing the main roads, the two short sides (approx. 60m) are connected by lands (not ours). With total area of 5,280 sqm
  • Block 6 two long sides two long sides (approx. 90m) facing the main roads, the south west side is facing a 20M road with a Boys School across. The North east side is facing an 8M alley with a Masjid across. With total area of 5,379 sqm
  • All required project information (CAD files which include land survey and setbacks, site photos & Google map location, can be downloaded from this link.

Subject Site Context: the subject plots can be approached easily from the eastern side (King Abdullah Road) and north side (Murjan Road). The subject plots can be approached easily from the western side (Prince Mohammed) and South side (Mahar Road)

Project’s Program & Area Schedule. The required program as following:

1- Land distribution & Site setup. The designer should propose the most suitable land distribution considering the following regulation:

  • Each unit land area should be equal to 300 sqm
  • Each Villa can share minimum one and maximum of two walls with other independently-owned Villas.
  • Each villa will have direct entrances from road side and the width should not be less than 10M (total width of the unit including the setbacks).
  • Allowable Ground Floor area is 60% of land size.
  • Structural skeleton should be independent for each unit.
  • Common shaft between units are not allowed.
  • Car garage is required for each villa.
  • The construction cost for each unit should not exceed 760,000 SR (which include civil works, architectural finishes, HVAC, landscape & hardscape), furniture is not included.
  • All units should have fence (Main gate – garage gate)
  • Below municipality regulation should be followed.

Municipality Regulations:
• Setbacks:
Ground Floor
– Setback at Street Side = 4M
– Setback at Neighbors side =2M
– Setback at Alley Side = 2M
First Floor
– Setback at Street Side = 3M
– Setback at Neighbors side =1.5M
– Setback at Alley Side = 1.5M
Roof Annex
– From the 1st floor edge = 2M
• Floors and heights:
– The allowed floors are:
– Ground Floor + First Floor +Roof Annex
Note: (allowed area of the roof is 50% of the first floor)

The following demonstration layout shows the alternatives that the Architect have for unit’s distributions

The following demonstration layout shows the alternatives that the Architect have for unit’s layout considering the setbacks.

Areas. The following area schedule is a breakdown for the interior space requirements for each unit regardless of its floor’s location (Total BUA should not exceed the below schedule)
Driver Room + Toilet (Annex) 11
Guest Sitting Room 18
Living Room 18
Dining Room 16
Main Kitchen (Can be divided into 1 dirty kitchen and 1 clean kitchen if possible) 20
Maid’s Room + Toilet + Laundary + Small Store 16
GF Staircase space 13
Toilet (Living) 6
Toilet (Guest) 6
Elevator Shaft (Exterior) (Not included in the BUA but its access should be considered in the interior) N/A
Circulation 15% 16

Family Living 12
Bedroom 1 16
Bedroom 2 16
Bedroom 3 16
Toilet 1 6
Toilet 2 6
Master Bedroom + Toilet 40
FF Staircase Space 13
Circulation 15% 16
Roof Staircase 13
Having outdoor area for future Daiwaniah OR Swimming Pool


Architectural Concept Design:
Submit your design as PDF binder includes the following:
– Cover sheet, including designer biography and participant’s ID
– Site plan, showing (Site approach, Land distribution, hardscape & landscape)
– Floor Plan for each level. Should include area & rooms schedule.
– BUA schedule.
– 4 Elevations.
– 2 Sections (Minimum).
– 3D perspectives, minimum of (6 exterior, 6 interior)
– Material Selection and material description.
– Cost calculation.
– Boards’ size should be landscape A2. The design presentation should be submitted as combined PDF.
– CAD files should be included in the submittals.

Registration Process:

Please send us an email on below address confirming your participating in the competition. Our team will send you back confirmation email along with your participating ID.
Email Title: Registration Request for Marissa Villas Competition
You can contact us on above address if you have any question as well.

Competition Prizes:
First prize – USD 12,000 + Certificate
Second prize – USD 7,000 + Certificate.
Third prize – USD 4,000 + Certificate.

Registration will be open till 14 September 2020.
Competition submission deadline 30 September 2020.

Check out Alsalimi official website. Download the information related to this competition here.

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    Open Call: Marissa Villas (Town Houses) in Dammam City
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    Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)
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    Al Salimi Real Estate Development
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    September 14, 2020 04:00 PM
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    September 30, 2020 04:00 PM
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    Saudi Arabia, Dammam
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