Saratov may be a city located within the southeastern European portion of Russia, and a serious cultural and economic centre of the Volga region. This open international competition will determine the simplest concept for integrated development of 5 sites within the central a part of the city: the previous Saratov-Tsentralny (Saratov-Central) Airport, the Park Pobedy (Victory Park) Memorial Complex on Sokolovaya Gora, Zeleny Island, Glebuchev Ovrag (Glebuchev Ravine) and therefore the Pokrovskie Peski (Pokrovsky Sands) Island.

Founded as a fortress city at the top of the 16th century, Saratov became a key trading centre on the Volga within the 18th and 19th centuries. The flourishing merchant class was liable for much of Saratov’s historical construction. With the event of the economic sector within the 20th century, new residential districts were formed. At the top of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries, new construction began to seem further and beyond the centre of Saratov and therefore the impact on public spaces within the historical centre increased significantly.

Solutions supported architectural and concrete planning concepts will allow the town to expand its centre, develop public and business functionality, create new public spaces within the city center and re-evaluate recreational areas in built-up areas.

Denis Leontiev, CEO of Strelka KB, remarked, “The competition’s goal is to settle on an idea which will offer options for the utilization of this territory while accounting for the required environmental rehabilitation of green spaces and allowing the creation of an exemplary residential area on the territory of the previous airport. The competition will determine the approaches to the event of those sites for the years to return . The project is additionally important for the historical centre, because the development of latest territories will help reduce the usage load on the city’s historical centre.”

Teams from all round the world are invited to participate within the competition. Architects must develop architectural and concrete planning concepts for integrated development—documents that outline the first planning, landscape and transport solutions for a construction or development project.

The competition will happen in three stages. within the first stage, a jury of experts will review all of the applications submitted and choose five competition participants. As a part of the second stage, each of them must develop an architectural and concrete planning concept of integrated spatial development supported the technical brief that they’re going to receive. supported the results of this stage, the jury will choose two finalists. During the third stage, an exhibit of the finalists’ work are going to be organised along side a well-liked vote which will ultimately help determine the winner of the competition. The winner are going to be chosen by the govt of the Saratov Region, supported the jury’s recommendations and therefore the popular vote. The winner are going to be announced in Spring 2021.

The jury are going to be composed of Russian and international experts. Among them are Didier Vancutsem, member of the Board of Directors of the ISOCARP Institute; Adriaan Gueze, co-founder of West 8 and founding father of the Surrealistic architecture (SLA) foundation; Ingo Kanehl, director of ASTOC GmbH & Co. KG и ASTOC International GmbH; Nikolai Shumakov, president of the Union of Architects of Russia; Igor Sorokin, scholar of local lore and member of the Association of Art Historians(AAH LLC); and other specialists within the architecture and concrete planning fields. the complete list of jury members are often found on the competition website.

Each of the five competition participants will receive a remuneration of 5,500,000 rubles (VAT included) for the creation of their architectural and concrete planning concepts. The second-place finalist within the popular vote will receive a further 2,000,000 rubles. Meanwhile, the competition winner will receive 4,000,000 rubles (VAT included), and can supervise any changes to be made to the urban planning documentation.

The international competition is organised by the DOM.RF Foundation, together with the Administration of the Saratov Region. The competition operator is Strelka KB, a consulting company. The competition will be held with the support of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP).

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    Open International Competition for Architectural and Urban Planning Concepts for the Integrated Development of Saratov’s City Centre
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    Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)
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    September 03, 2020 11:59 PM
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