Palace overlooking the river

قصر إطلالة على النهر

Palace overlooking the river

Visually open, every corner of the aura stains people to immerse themselves in their own space. The subtle and exceptional mood reveals the calm and elegant artistic form of the space. The base color of the plain color derives a pure and memorable artistic conception, and the decorative wood color makes the space like a humble gentleman and as warm as jade. Set aside for a stroll along the way, enjoy the peace and relaxation, you are born with Chi.

Visual openness, light dyed in every corner, let a person follow the heart immersed in the space of self.Delicate and exceptional mood highlights the calm and elegant art form of space.Simple color harmony derivative gives pure and unforgettable artistic perception The wood color that decorates makes the space more like a modest, frosty general Like jade.Meanwhile, buy a walking companion, quiet, and natural gas.

▼ Overview of the space, general view of the interior space© Chenyou Design

The “more and less” of space is precise and direct. The guest restaurant has an open design, the geometric lines of flowing clouds and flowing water are folded into the void, blurring regional boundaries and perception, creating a more diverse experience scene. There is no stacking, the living form centered on the sofa and the dining table gradually extends outward freely, and the flow of light and shadow is full of life philosophy.

The “more and less” of the space is subtle and direct. The open design of the guest restaurant, the flowing geometric lines folded and inverted in the space, blurring the regional boundaries and perception, creating a more diverse experience scene. There is no heap between the piles, with the sofa table as the center of gravity of the life form gradually free extension outward, between the flow of light and shadow, full of life philosophy.

▼ Opening living and dining spaces © Chen You Design

Immerse yourself in the form and meaning of mountains and forests, as they softly coexist with light and shade, the floor-to-ceiling palette facing the mountains and the sea is a picture frame dedicated to the landscape. Between the floating and the faint stream of light and shadow, the early evening wind of spring, the chirping of midsummer cicadas, the red autumn leaves, and the white winter snow … the so-called “the four seasons are different, and the joy is also endless.”

This mountain and sea facing floorboard is a landscape picture frame. Between the rise and fall and streams of light and shadow, wind in early spring, cicada in midsummer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter… As the saying goes, “The four times are different, but the joy is endless.” This is the big bottom.

▼ A French window framing a view of the West Lake © Chen You Design

Pure space, pure space© Chen You Design

▼ Living room, living space© Chenyou Design

Stone decoration in the corner stone decoration © Chen You Design

Bar table and dining table © Chenyou Design

▼ Dining Table and Bar Table Details © Chen You Design

▼ Kitchen and Kitchen© © Chenyou Design

Pour in the natural form of bright and clean fields, from visual enjoyment to practical functions to build charm, with tree trunks and white to give warmth, also to pursue the meaning of harmony between art and function. Leave it blank for life, in the deep sense of “colorless” in pure creation, and wander freely between randomness and the heart.

Casting in the field of bright and clean natural plastic, from visual enjoyment to practical function to build charm, with tree trunks, white and clean endowed with temperature, but also the pursuit of art and functional residence. A deep “colourless” environment, a free country walking between nature and the heart.

Corridor, log and white space, corridor, space made up of wooden and white walls © Chen You Design

▼ Master bedroom, master bedroom © Chenyou Design

▼ Master’s Bedroom Details© Chen You Design

▼ Secondary Bedroom, Bedrooms© Chen You Design

▼ bathroom, bathroom© Chenyou Design

▼ Planning and Planning © Chenyou Design

Project name: mansion overlooking the river, embrace the landscape wind just like a dwelling poem
Design: Hangzhou Chen You Design
Contact email:[email protected]
Year of design and completion: home design and 2022
Leader Designer & Team: Chen You Design
Project location: West Lake of Shimao
Soft Decoration Design: Yan Qing Design
Construction party: literal fanp

Palace overlooking the river


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