park management office

مكتب إدارة المنتزهات

park management office

The park management office is a functional building where workers rest, wash and cook. There was also a need for space to store materials and do pre-work such as woodworking. Among the many requests were that three one-ton trucks carrying water tanks and a forklift be able to move freely within a narrow site, and from this very specific request, the architect’s imagination begins. Let’s raise the second floor and empty the first floor!
The configuration in which the second floor is arranged, where the workers’ living and resting spaces are arranged in a U-shape, above the first floor is L-shaped, enables a cantilever structure of about 10 meters without a column in one corner of the first floor. In a highly functional building constructed on a low budget, this strong structural expression is a unique architectural moment. The two 4.5m wide sliding doors on the first floor are practical tools and appliances that double the dramatic experience of the floating corner.
On the second floor in the form of ㅁ, horizontal windows were planned to allow adequate light and ventilation to enter the interior. This is a consideration to reduce friction with residents of the upscale residential and commercial complexes surrounding the building. But I was hoping the concrete wall outside, which was left without a window, wasn’t too rude. After bonding and molding the sheet of paper commonly used in signage shops into generic plywood, an image of a whale jumping out of the sea was engraved on the wall using the time difference to drain the water from the concrete. Due to the subtle difference in the smoothness of the concrete surface, this whale stands out only on a sunny day.

park management office

the design
Saemgot Architects Co. Ltd. (Sooin Yang, Heunju Lee)
design manager
Jae-suk choi, ji-won-shin, soo-in-yang, hyun-joo lee
your location
3 pieces including 1-28, Yongsan-dong 5-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
commercial establishments
Land area
500.8 square meters
building area
143.86 square meters
Total area
277.56 square meters
Second floor above ground
2 cars
6.5 m
Build to Cover Ratio
floor area ratio
reinforced concrete
outer end
exposed concrete, ascon floor pavement
inner end
Vinyl Flooring, Silk Wallpaper
Structural design
Teogujo Co., Ltd.
Mechanical and electrical design
Yoosung Technology Co., Ltd.
Jooyoung Construction Co., Ltd.
design period
2016. 11. ~ 2017.3.
Establishment period
2017. 4. ~9.
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