The aim of the “Re-Draw” competition is to develop one drawing to ‘represent’ an iconic architecture piece. The participants are asked to draft one image, with absolute freedom of scale, technique, and level of abstraction.

We encourage creativity, criticality, and innovation. The drawing can highlight functional aspects of the building, showing a deep understanding of 1 or more design aspects. It can specialise in the aesthetic qualities, experimenting and mastering a drawing technique with hyper-realistic outcomes, or it are often an optical deformation, a caricatural interpretation, a foreign abstraction of the built architecture.

The drawing can strengthen a standard interpretation of architecture, or explore a replacement angle, a replacement point of view, intellectual and/or physical. The Fallingwater are often portrayed as an entire , apart, or a collage of disconnected moments. The entry is totally flexible and adaptable to the participant’s interpretation.

Fallingwater is that the third building selected for the Re- Draw competition.

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