The city district of Zibo, the third largest by population within the Shandong province, has been a key stone mining location till recent years. The excavation activities, particularly focused on the Zichuan subdistrict, marked the agricultural areas of the province with invasive interventions and disruptions of the local ecosystem. The mountainous area is today characterized by woodlands, villages, mine pits in quarries and terraces built with stone. The extraction activities are terminated, generating the necessity for brand spanking new purpose and value during a location with unique cultural, ecological and social conditions.

The government and investors aim to develop a strategic vision that might reinforce local communities and convey new life to the location . They aim to realize this purpose by turning the world into a cultural and artistic park. The project should attract tourists and creatives around a protected and restored ecological zone, while generating a replacement economy for local artisans and rural entrepreneurs. during which form this may happen, it’s still to be defined.

Participants to the competition are asked to return up with creative proposals that might transcend standardized models for development, informing local authorities with new ways to approach such a project. Particular emphasis is posed on the difficulty of the dismissed mines, which constitute a singular feature but also an excellent challenge. How can the ecological and spatial damage be mitigated and transformed into new value?

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