Designer Samuel Wilkinson, known for his innovative and thoughtful designs, has collaborated with British brand Allermuir to create Yõso, a contemporary take on traditional timber armchairs. This piece exemplifies a blend of classic timber furniture aesthetics with modern design refinement, showcasing Wilkinson’s ability to reinterpret traditional forms through a contemporary lens.

Design Philosophy and Process

The Yõso armchair’s design began with extensive sketching and exploration of various combinations and junctions. Wilkinson aimed to create a piece that felt both timeless and modern, seamlessly integrating classic elements with contemporary details. The design journey involved numerous iterations to perfect the harmony between the armrests and backrest, highlighting the complexity behind its seemingly simple appearance.

“Yõso started with a lot of sketching, searching for different combinations and junctions,” said Wilkinson. This meticulous process was crucial in achieving the chair’s balanced proportions and ergonomic comfort. The initial sketches were followed by creating a simple timber prototype at a 1:1 scale, which allowed for practical testing and refinement of the chair’s ergonomics.

Material and Craftsmanship

Yõso is crafted from solid oak wood, a material chosen for its durability, aesthetic appeal, and historical significance in furniture making. Oak’s natural beauty and strength make it an ideal choice for a piece that aims to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design. The chair is available in a range of stained finishes, allowing for versatility in different interior settings.

The design complexity lies in the chair’s construction, where the backrest sits atop the armrests. This unique junction posed a significant design challenge, as achieving the right balance in the seat required careful adjustments. “As the backrest sits on top of the arm, getting the seat balance is more difficult as changing one thing directly affects another,” Wilkinson explained. This intricate interplay between components underscores the chair’s refined craftsmanship.

Aesthetic and Functional Appeal

Yõso’s aesthetic appeal lies in its minimalist design and attention to detail. The chair’s clean lines and smooth transitions between elements create a harmonious and elegant look. Despite its simplicity, Yõso is rich in character, with each design decision contributing to its overall sophistication.

The chair’s ergonomic design ensures comfort, making it suitable for various settings, from dining rooms to offices. The thoughtful proportions and support provided by the armrests and backrest demonstrate Wilkinson’s commitment to both form and function.

Contemporary Reinterpretation of Tradition

Samuel Wilkinson’s Yõso chair is a testament to how traditional furniture forms can be reimagined in a contemporary context. By combining classic timber construction techniques with modern design principles, Wilkinson has created a piece that resonates with both historical and contemporary aesthetics.

This reinterpretation is particularly evident in the chair’s construction details. The junction where the backrest meets the armrests is a focal point, showcasing the intricate craftsmanship involved in achieving a seamless connection. This design element not only enhances the chair’s visual appeal but also contributes to its structural integrity.

Versatility in Application

Yõso’s versatility makes it suitable for a variety of environments. Its elegant design and range of finishes allow it to complement different interior styles, from traditional to modern. Whether used in a dining room, living space, or office, Yõso’s understated elegance and comfort make it a valuable addition to any setting.

The chair’s ability to blend into diverse spaces is a reflection of its well-thought-out design and quality craftsmanship. It demonstrates how contemporary furniture can honor traditional forms while meeting modern needs and tastes.


Samuel Wilkinson’s Yõso chair, manufactured by Allermuir, is a masterful blend of tradition and modernity. Its design process, material choice, and construction reflect a deep respect for classic timber furniture while introducing contemporary elements that enhance its appeal. Yõso stands as a sophisticated piece that offers both aesthetic beauty and functional comfort, making it a notable contribution to contemporary furniture design. This chair not only highlights Wilkinson’s design prowess but also underscores the potential for innovative reinterpretations of traditional forms in modern contexts.


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