Studio Bark designs Water-Powered Family Home

In a bid to redefine sustainable living, London-based architecture practice Studio Bark has unveiled its visionary design for Breach House, a water-powered family home nestled in the picturesque landscape of Leicestershire, UK. Designed to harmonize with nature and minimize its environmental impact, this innovative project embodies a commitment to off-grid living and renewable energy sources.

Off-Grid Living

Breach House, envisioned by Studio Bark, epitomizes the concept of off-grid living, where residents can thrive independently of conventional utility systems. Central to the design is the integration of renewable energy technologies, including photovoltaic (PV) panels and micro-hydro energy, which enable the home to operate self-sufficiently and reduce its reliance on external power sources.

Integration with the Landscape

Situated amidst the serene beauty of Leicestershire’s countryside, Breach House is more than just a residence; it is a testament to sustainable architecture and responsible land stewardship. The design capitalizes on the site’s natural features, leveraging run-off water from surrounding fields to supplement the home’s energy needs. This seamless integration with the landscape underscores Studio Bark’s commitment to creating architecture that respects and enhances its surroundings.

Architectural Features

At the heart of Breach House lies a design informed by tradition yet imbued with contemporary sensibilities. Drawing inspiration from the vernacular architecture of rural farmsteads, the home is composed of clusters of buildings arranged around communal courtyards. Therefore, fostering a sense of community and connection with nature. The striking ‘water tower,’ a central feature of the design, serves not only as a functional element. But also as a visual symbol of the home’s water-centric ethos.

Sustainable Materials and Practices

In keeping with its ethos of sustainability, Studio Bark has meticulously selected materials and construction methods that minimize environmental impact. From reclaimed brick and locally sourced timber to energy-efficient technologies, every aspect of the design prioritizes ecological responsibility. Inside, the warm and inviting interior spaces feature exposed timber beams and strategically placed skylights. Thus, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and sustainability.

Environmental Impact and Biodiversity

Beyond its energy-efficient design, Breach House embodies a commitment to biodiversity and ecosystem restoration. Extensive landscaping proposals, including the planting of over 200 trees, the creation of wet meadows, and the establishment of new ponds, aim to enhance the site’s ecological value and support local wildlife habitats. Studio Bark’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship ensures that Breach House not only minimizes its carbon footprint. But also contributes positively to the surrounding ecosystem.


Breach House stands as a beacon of sustainable architecture, demonstrating the profound potential of design to coexist harmoniously with nature. With its innovative approach to off-grid living, coupled with a deep respect for the environment, Studio Bark has set a new standard for residential architecture that prioritizes sustainability without compromising on style or comfort. As Breach House takes shape, it serves as a testament to the transformative power of architecture to create a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


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