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AI Architecture Competition 2022

AI Architecture Competition 2022

AI (Artificial Intelligence), while still evolving, is accelerating fundamental changes to our environment and values in society. AI that utilizes deep learning can possess independent cognition and acquire imagination and creativity like that of human beings. We are already beginning to see experimentation in AI’s creative ability through visual and performance art as well as

2022 Dokdo Guesthouse Design International Competition

2022 Dokdo Guesthouse Design International Competition

Dokdo can be seen with the naked eye from Ulleungdo on clear days. Due to this geographical characteristic, Dokdo has been recognized as part of Ulleungdo. 『Sejong Chronicles』「geography section」(1454) states that “Two islands including Woosan (Dokdo) and Mureung (Ulleungdo) is located at the east sea of the Hyeon. These two islands are not far away


HACKCITY 100 MOVING PIXELS هاك سيتي 100 بكسل متحرك

We are looking for “City Hackers” who are architects, urban planners, and urban designers. Modern cities are now plagued by issues like traffic congestion, over-centralization, unaffordable housing, etc. With our


RE-DRAW.04 إعادة الرسم 04

The aim of the “Re-Draw” competition is to develop one drawing to ‘represent’ an iconic architecture piece. The participants are asked to draft one image with absolute freedom of scale, technique, and level of abstraction. We encourage creativity, criticality, and innovation. The drawing can highlight functional aspects of the building, showing a deep understanding of one

Call for submissions to What Design Can Do’s Make it Circular Challenge

What Design Can Do's Make it Circular Challenge ما يمكن للتصميم فعله

When it comes to the climate crisis, there’s no time for cynicism. With millions of people already experiencing the effects of a warming planet firsthand, we need to move forward with optimism and momentum. This is the driving force behind What Design Can Do (WDCD)’s fourth challenge in partnership with the IKEA Foundation: the Make it

International Design Competition: HOME 2122

International Design Competition مسابقة التصميم الدولية

Archiol Artuminate has organized this second edition of the Home – future design competition to understand the possibilities of residential architecture in the future and to test the skill of imagination in architecture. “I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture”-  Tadao Ando.The most significant architectural space we experience throughout

Alternate Realities #3: MARS HOMES

MARS HOMES منازل المريخ

After an overwhelming response to the first & second editions, Charette is thrilled to announce the 3rd edition of ‘Alternate Realities’ – the world’s most experimental architecture competition! This year’s theme is MARS HOMES. The entries to the Alternate Realities #3 competition will be reviewed by some of the most influential authorities in architecture and

New design for sustainable Enel Primary Substation

New design for sustainable Enel Primary Substation تصميم جديد لمحطة Enel الأساسية المستدامة

New design for sustainable Enel Primary SubstationEnel Grids is calling on designers, architects, engineers or inventors to reimagine its most iconic assets: Primary Substations!! The Company is looking for a new design concept for the construction of this innovative sustainable building system that must have innovative features in terms of design, materials and construction, incorporating

Plaktivat 15 Poster Design Competition: ’Blood Donation’

Blood Donation تبرع بالدم

Plaktivat 15 Poster Design Competition: ’Blood Donation’ is now open for entries! Plaktivat 15 Poster Design Competition: ’Blood Donation’: TAM-TAM Institut is announcing the international 15th Plaktivat Poster Design Competition in designing a city poster, this time on the topic of ’Blood Donation’ and invites all creators, individuals as well as agencies and companies to

Sustainability in Architecture

Sustainability in Architecture الاستدامة في الهندسة المعمارية

Sustainability in Architecture is now open for entries! Sustainability in Architecture: Archiol Artuminate recently has organized this second edition of the sustainable architecture essay competition to spread awareness of the sustainable measures that the construction and building industry needs to adopt to mitigate the harmful impact on the environment. architecture sustainability green energy competitions About