AIMThis competition invites participants to style a *designers’ work studio which may break the traditional model for little office spaces, and make an area that fosters innovation, collaboration and productivity.

(*Designers is employed as a broad term and refers to professionals like architects & interior designers)

The competition also proposes the studio to be envisioned during a distinctive material character and texture. The brief emphasizes, and is aware of the necessity to adapt and reuse artifact wherever possible. Hence, instead of constructing something anew, the whole project is proposed to be built from used shipping containers because the key artifact .

Participants are welcome to switch the containers as per their creative freedom in terms of sizes

This competition is open for all the scholars , Architects, Interior Designers, Teachers & Firms from everywhere the planet .


JURY – Chitra Vishwanath, Ken Yeang, CRG architects

Download the information related to this competition here.

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