Concurso Internacional de Arquitectura
The Tree House

For many, “the playhouse ” has been one among the primary self-managed constructions. during this contest we are getting to explore the connection between the house and therefore the tree , and the way these two elements can generate a dialogue. We rescued that first natural impulse to create a house during a tree to possess the likelihood of revisiting it with more tools. With a replacement awareness of the changes that society must manage.

There is a test called “the house, the tree and therefore the person” where representation techniques are studied in reference to the person (HTP test in English), although it’s very interesting, what we are trying to find during this contest is that the relationships between these elements be explored and innovated.

Para muchos “la casa del árbol” ha sido una de las primeras construcciones autogestionadas. En este concurso vamos a explorar la relación entre la casa y el árbol, y como esos dos elementos pueden generar un dialogo.

1º Premio: U$D 1200
+ Exposición en nuestros Medios y Difusión en los Principales sitios de arquitectura.

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