The use of fiberglass in interior design

The use of fiberglass in interior design
Why are fiberglass products so popular?
First of all, because of its technical characteristics, namely – because of the high level of strength, and this is achieved only through the technology of applying fiberglass to the plastic base.
These same fibers give a destructive power that even metal would envy, but any form of fiberglass of the same size and thickness is many times lighter than metal.
Car crash tests for driving comfort are known to prove similar for a stronger and lighter entrant – glass-filled plastic.

The use of fiberglass in interior design


decorative properties

In order to use this material as a decorative element, some changes in properties are given.
Various resins are introduced into fiberglass products.
This gives it the ability to not interact with most chemicals and to be heat resistant.
To obtain the required properties, the following methods are used:
– Use of gel coat – a special protective layer in the process of product formation
Adding pigment mixtures to the resin
Use of glass wool
Create a relief matrix for moulding.
Gel coat is, in essence, a resin-based protective coating, only slightly modified for decorative purposes.
If the gel coat is of high quality, it will have a stable level of resistance to external aggressive influences.
Including chemical reagents, ultraviolet radiation and moisture.
may be produced of any desired color or shade, in the process of manufacturing the part,
The gel coat layer first falls onto the matrix, and when the final product is removed, the coating naturally appears on the front side of the element.
If you want to paint the fiberglass not just on top,
But over the entire thickness, and then into the resin, which impregnates fiberglass, j
Special coloring pastes were offered, by the way, their palette is also very wide.
But decorative glass wool is a very thin glass fabric, on which the necessary decorative texture is applied.
For example, wood texture or natural stone, the glass vial is then placed between the gelcoat and the remaining layers of fiberglass.
It is quite possible to produce the matrix itself in the desired relief or pattern, and the fiberglass profile will exactly repeat its shape.

The use of fiberglass in interior design


Fiberglass decorative articles

The use of glass-filled plastics in the finishing area is very wide,
It is possible to make elements such as bas-reliefs, columns and sculptures,
and finishing panels with various surfaces imitating natural materials, consoles, decorative beams, semi-columns, landscaping details (stones, slats, etc.).
We cannot ignore, perhaps, the main advantage of using fiberglass material,
It is the absolute simplicity and cheapness of the process of manufacturing products that are completely different in the way they are used.
Also, there is no need for complicated and expensive equipment.
As its economic costs are great, because the production does not need expensive components.
Not all operations require any highly specialized knowledge and skills and take some time.



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