Timberate – Rethinking housing with Timber


The human movement towards city areas has depart an enormous shift of resources pooling in building construction round the world. This propels not only architects but entire humankind to seek out sustainable ways to re-analyze construction in its life cycle and finding means to form it greener through its life.

No matter what proportion we hide, the development sector is in charge of half the world’s CO2 discharge. RCC-based construction generates such a lot carbon not only while manufacturing, but it’s very tough to discard construction waste post its lifecycle.

Can alternative natural origin ma­terials, for instance , wood, can help change the course of worldwide warming caused by excessive construction? Can wood be the important game-changer we had been always looking for?


The proposed challenge is the development of an innovative mass-timber compact urban housing with sustainable carbon-free impact designed to be lightweight, minimal, and compact.

Primary focus on the design of a parametric and prefabricated timber building system for a two-story housing unit where it can be shown the potential for a modular building system for horizontal and vertical expansion.

Utilize digital fabrication technology to achieve high precision fabrication, for easy assembly/disassembly / expandable for upgrading/relocation/end-of-life recycling making it resilient and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of society. The houses are expected to be machine manufactured and the design hence should be made in resonance to mass-fabrication.


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