Untact Incheon International Design Fair 2020: International Artwork Competition

INDEF (Incheon International Design Fair) Promotion Committee is delighted to ask you to the ‘Untact Incheon International Design Fair 2020 : International Artwork Competition’.

In this year, the event are going to be held in Korea exclusively through online gallery and therefore the virtual exhibition on Dec. 3rd ~ Dec. 6th. The themes of this exhibition are ‘Smart Tourism’, à la ‘Tourism with Technology’.

Tourism is one among the main components of economic process for communities worldwide. A key requirement of tourism has been to draw in more and more tourists from different parts of the planet . Smart tourism refers to the appliance of data and communication technology, such almost like the smart cities, for developing innovative tools and approaches to enhance tourism. Smart tourism is reliant on core technologies like ICT, mobile communication, cloud computing, AI , and computer game . you’ll submit relevant artwork loosely supported this theme.

The fundamental objective of INDEF is predicated on sharing enthusiastic professions and developing a world art and style community. We provides a virtual place for various creativities from 2D to 3D; painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, architecture, multi-media, film, fashion, communication , industrial design, ceramic, printmaking etc.

Theme: ‘Smart Tourism’, à la ‘Tourism with Technology’

Who may enter: The competition is open to all aspiring artists and creative individuals around the world.

Entry Fee: The competition is free to enter

⚬ Award Winners Cash Prize
1st Place: $2,000
2nd Place: $1,000
3rd Place: $500
⚬ Each Category Runner-Up
Samsung Gallaxy Tab S6 Lite

⚬ 3D Artwork* (Rendering Image and FBX file)
⚬ Drawing, Illustration, and Painting (Digital or non-Digital)
⚬ Graphic Design / Poster Design
⚬ Architecture, and Sculpture (Image)
⚬ Photography
⚬ Film (Video Clip)
⚬ Industrial Design

* For 3D Artwork : We are planning to display submitted rendering images through Virtual Exhibition. As an option, moreover, your individual modelling work or scene will be displayed realtime using tools likes ‘Sketchfab’.
1. Upload your files at the sketchfab to be sure.
* For how to make an account and upload your file at ‘sketchfab’, check the link page.
2. Send us your sketchfab model link. (For embedding)
3. Submit your 3D files to us. (preferably Sketchfab friendly)
* The submitted artwork images we receive may require adjustment before they can be used for online gallery.

Medium and File formats
Digital format submissions only.
All submitted images should be reasonably larger than Full HD size.
Any video clip or film need to be larger than 1920 X 1080 dpi. and frame late should be converted to 29.97 fps.
For images: JPG, BMP, PNG, or PDF(convert fonts)
For video clips: File size should be no larger than 200mb.
MOV or MP4 (please use widely available codec, such as H264 or WMV etc.)

How to apply
1. Download the application forms and fill out.
2. Go to the board.
3. At the lower left corner, click ‘Write’.
4. Fill out the basic information. (in English) Make sure to select appropriate category that suits your artwork. (Very important)
5. Upload your files and the application forms. (200mb size limit)
6. Submit.

  • Title

    Untact Incheon International Design Fair 2020: International Artwork Competition
  • Type

    Competition Announcement (Built Projects & Masterplans)
  • Website

  • Organizers

    Unidesign Management Research Institute
  • Submission Deadline

    November 15, 2020 11:30 PM
  • Venue

  • Price

  • Country Restrictions

    South Korea

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