The Competition aspires to possess a realistically feasible project which will restore vitality to the district and aims to pick the simplest proposals of an urban and landscape project relevant to the competition zone, foreseeing the establishment of a university campus with residences, study zones and laboratories, green areas and sports areas which will attend complete the planned building of residential and commercial buildings. the target is urban requalification of the zone that unites the ex TECUMSEH area (circa 40.000 m2) and therefore the CASTELLO DI MIRAFIORI area (circa 30.000 m2) ranging from the indications present within the “Notes about the Planning” document attached to the Competition Notice.
The Competition involves an overall project for the whole portion of territory integrating the park and therefore the built areas with the relevant surrounding environmental context and generally with the pre-existing buildings of the district. The project will evaluate the eventual recovery, albeit only partial, of the economic buildings within the abandoned areas for services. The graphic sheets must show during a synthetic way both the thought of urban insertion and therefore the architectural-building features.

Download the information related to this competition here.

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