World Landscape Architecture Awards

Architecture Competition: World Landscape Architecture Awards

The World Landscape Architecture (WLA) Awards stand as a beacon of recognition for outstanding achievements in landscape architecture globally. This prestigious awards program, held annually, honors projects that exemplify creativity, sustainability, and environmental impact, showcasing the diverse and transformative nature of landscape design.

Showcasing Diversity and Innovation

The WLA Awards spotlight a wide array of landscape projects, ranging from urban parks and public spaces to residential gardens and ecological restoration initiatives. By celebrating excellence and innovation in landscape architecture, the awards foster a sense of community and connection with nature, acknowledging the vital role of landscapes in shaping our environments and experiences.

Eligibility Criteria

Projects eligible for submission must have been conceptualized or built between 2019 and 2024. Entrants have the opportunity to submit multiple projects, with each entry requiring a separate registration fee. Built projects must have completed construction, while conceptual projects may be in various stages of development, from conceptualization to construction.

Categories of Recognition

The WLA Awards feature an array of categories to recognize the diverse landscape design endeavors:

Built Categories

  1. Small Landscape Design (less than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
  2. Large Landscape Design (greater than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
  3. Urban Design
  4. Private Residential Design (including single dwelling gardens)
  5. Commercial Residential Design (including showflats, apartments, residential estates, housing developments, etc.)

Conceptual Categories

  1. Small Landscape Design (less than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
  2. Large Landscape Design (greater than 1000 sq. m/10000 sq. ft)
  3. Residential Design (including private and commercial residential landscapes)
  4. Analysis and Planning
  5. Urban Design

Additionally, the Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) Cultural Landscape Award recognizes projects that demonstrate exceptional cultural significance and impact.

Entry Process and Fees

To participate in the WLA Awards, professionals are required to pay an entry registration fee of $250AUD (approximately 170USD, 160EUR, 1150CNY) per submission. Entry registrations can be conveniently purchased through the WLA Shop using various payment methods, including Credit Card, Paypal, or Credit Card.

Upon completing the entry registration process, participants will receive an email containing essential resources, including the Awards Template, Entry Guide [PDF], Example Layout, and WLA Awards Declaration, to facilitate their submission process.

Join us in celebrating the visionary work of landscape architects worldwide and the profound impact of their creations on our built and natural environments. Submit your projects to the WLA Awards and be part of a global celebration of excellence in landscape architecture.


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