1.5°C: A COTE AIA|LA Symposium on Climate Change

1.5°C: A COTE AIA|LA Symposium on Climate Change 1.5 درجة مئوية: A COTE AIA | ندوة لوس أنجلوس حول تغير المناخ

1.5°C: A COTE AIA|LA Symposium on Climate Change

The 6th annual 1.5 °C Symposium on Climate Change challenges our industry to explore the power of beauty in sustainable design to bridge the practicality of building construction with our desire to live in harmony with the natural world. There has been a paradigm shift that beauty is only a consideration of formal aesthetics; true beauty in architecture must inherently be grounded in an integration of physical form with community connection, livability, equity, resilience, and adaptability.

Throughout the course of the event, our speakers will:
– Highlight how our brain perceives and compares aesthetics in a built environment
– Showcase building materials that are harmonious with nature
– Share stories through re-use and reconfiguration
– Challenge our idea of appealing design through innovation
– Nurture human experience and restore a sense of community through equity and justice

This Symposium will inspire a renewed passion for innovative design through environmentally sound and thoughtful practices. Our goal is to influence participants’ respective thinking of aesthetics in architecture and equip them with tools to transform our built environment of the future.


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