2021 Bcome International Ideas Competition: 15-minute City

2021 Bcome International Ideas Competition: 15-minute City

Architecture Competition: 2021 Bcome International Ideas Competition: 15-minute City

The theme of Bcome 2021 is “15-Minute City.”

This competition is to make passerby well disposed metropolitan milieus inside the distance of 15 minutes ― the normal time taken for a person to walk 1 km ― and recommend spaces where inhabitants can remain speaking with each other. Metropolitan spaces can be ordered into practically purposive (business, legislative, and school) and non-purposive (commonly, park) spaces: when the last become abundant, the metropolitan life would be all the more relaxed with expanded quality.

In other words, the objective of this competition is to introduce a metropolitan design that empowers different sorts of encounters, rest, correspondences with neighbors even with no unmistakable reason (like driving, working, going to class, or buying merchandise), just as tying down extra metropolitan spaces to remain for the individuals who go out with a reasonable reason to accomplish.

Making a metropolitan design that empowers residents to walk or walk cheerfully basically for around 15 minutes inside their neighborhoods the objective of “15-Minute City.”

Register and Learn more about the competition here: http://bcome.biacf.or.kr/


Bcome 2021 is to find new metropolitan living milieus that can adapt to the emptying out, outdated private climate and weakened metropolitan framework of a regressive developed site of Busan, just as to audit the plausibilities of proposed models and apply them broadly to contiguous comparable regions.

The fundamental design is to recommend person on foot cordial offices and set up common organizations inside the task site thinking about nearby qualities and the public great, proposing building and urbanist answers for understand the “comprehensive city” strategy.

It is to investigate how to work on the nature of residents’ life, enhance their private climate and initiate the nearby local area as a component of metropolitan recovery against metropolitan weakening and burrowing out.

Method of competition

This competition is an online international ideas competition open to all people and professionals in and out of country. There is no entry fee, and amongst the submitted works, finalists will be selected through deliberation and awarded totally 20 million KRW.

Schedule Date and time Content

  • Public notice of competition Aug. 20 (Fri.), 2021
  • Registration of participants 9 AM Aug. 20 (Fri.) to 6 PM Sep. 10 (Fri.), 2021
  • Questions: Submission 9 AM Aug. 27 (Fri.) to 6 PM Sep. 1 (Wed.), 2021 Answers Sep. 6 (Mon.), 2021
  • Submission of works 9 AM Oct. 22(Fri) to 6 PM Oct. 25 (Mon.), 2021
  • On the official website http://bcome.biacf.or.kr/
  • Deliberation Oct. 27 (Wed.), 2021 5 prescribed jurors and 1 reserve juror
  • Announcement of winners Oct. 28 (Thr.), 2021 On the official website http://bcome.biacf.or.kr/

Application and registration

1) Period of application: 9 AM Aug. 20 (Fri.) to 6 PM Sep. 10 (Fri.), 2021

2) Place of announcement: on the website of the competition (http://bcome.biacf.or.kr)

3) How to apply: Submit on the website of the competition. Then, we provide you with a 4-digit registration code by teams via the official e-mail. The registration code will be used to identify teams for the purpose of selecting winners and so on until the end of the competition.

4) The competition schedule is subject to further possible changes, and the changed schedule will be posted on the website of Bcome competition and notified separately to the registered participants.

Prizewinning and rewards

Prizewinner and the number of selections – Reward – Total (million)

  • 1 recipient for 1st Prize – 10 million KRW – 10 KRW
  • 2 recipient for 2nd Prize – 3 million KRW – 6 KRW
  • 2 recipients for 3rd Prize – 2 million KRW – 4 KRW
  • Total 20 KRW
  • Others for Honorary Mention Certificates of Merit –

1) The reward will be offered in Korean Won (KRW) within 30 days after the announcement of selections.

2) For team applicants, a reward will be offered to the representative applicant. For overseas prizewinners, it will be offered in US Dollars as per the exchange rate at the time of rewarding.

3) The reward includes copyright fee, tax, and charges due to the remittance of currency exchange, and will be offered under the Korean tax law.

To learn more about the competition and submission requirements click here.

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