Overview of the A’ Design Award & Competition

The A’ Design Award & Competition is now accepting submissions for the A’ International Design Award for Excellence in Architecture and Interior Design. Established in 2008, this prestigious international competition recognizes and celebrates exceptional projects in architecture, interior design, and related fields such as furniture design and building materials.

Opportunity for Global Recognition

This yearly competition gives innovators, designers, and architects a worldwide stage on which to present their work and win acclaim from around the world. You can become one of the most accomplished professionals in the world in the fields of architecture and interior design by entering the A’ International Design Award for Excellence in Architecture and Interior Design.

Judging Process and Evaluation Criteria

An unbiased and seasoned grand jury team made up of eminent academics, powerful media figures, and accomplished designers judges the submissions. Through the use of blind peer review, the assessment process makes sure that every entry is properly and thoroughly evaluated in accordance with predetermined criteria. Innovation, usability, design, and sustainability are the main points of emphasis in the review.

Preliminary Review Benefits

You will receive a free, private preliminary evaluation after submitting your work. This feedback gives you an understanding of the quality of your design and makes recommendations for improving your presentation, reducing prejudice, and making sure that your work is judged only on its merits as a designer. Your initial score will determine whether or not to move on with the nomination.

Rewards and Recognition for Winners

Gaining an A’ Design Award has many advantages. You are granted the coveted “A’ Design Award Winner Logo” along with an unrestricted, lifetime right to use it globally as the laureate of the prestigious A’ Design Prize. This globally acknowledged emblem of distinction functions as a potent promotional instrument, setting your projects apart and augmenting their worth in a cutthroat industry.

Additional Benefits for Laureates

Laureates receive a wide range of benefits in addition to the winner’s logo, such as being featured in the yearbook of the award winner, taking part in international design exhibitions, receiving the Omega Particle award trophy, preparing and distributing press releases, and being invited to the exclusive La Notte Premio A’, the A’ Design Award’s red-carpet, black-tie Gala-Night and Award Ceremony in Italy.

Public Relations Services

Along with a wide range of PR services, the A’ Design Prize also provides translation services for winner projects, newsroom construction, media showcase presentations, press release preparation and dissemination, content distribution, syndication, publication, and feature opportunities through media partners. These services assist in efficiently communicating your achievement to global consumers, prospective clients, and media outlets.

Submission Process and Eligibility

It is simple to submit your work. Regardless of location or affiliation, specialists in relevant professions, including architects, interior designers, furniture designers, and others, are welcome to enter the competition. Design studios, architecture firms, R&D centers, product manufacturers, big businesses, and brands from all nations and sectors are welcome to participate.

Nomination Periods and Deadlines

The A’ Design Award has three main nomination periods: regular (July 1 to September 30), late (October 1 to February 28), and early (April 15 to June 30). Every year on May 1st, the results are released. It is advised to nominate as soon as possible in order to fully benefit from the free preliminary review procedure, which enhances your presentation and increases your chances of success.

Join the Ranks of Celebrated Designers and Architects

This is your opportunity to be recognized globally for your exceptional work in interior design, architecture, and related sectors. Join the ranks of the most renowned designers and architects in the world by submitting your entry for the A’ International Design Award for Excellence in Architecture and Interior Design today.

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