Allegiant Stadium: “fast, angry and intimidating”


The spotlight of Super Bowl 58 shines on the architectural masterpiece, Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Crafted by Manica Architecture, this cutting-edge venue, completed in 2020, not only serves as the home ground for the NFL’s Raiders but also captures the essence of sleek sportscar design.

Design Evolution

Initially envisioned for California, the stadium underwent a redesign to suit the high-desert climate of Las Vegas. The transformation included making it an indoor, Raiders-dedicated facility with a retractable field, aligning the design with the team’s identity.

Sportscar Inspiration

Aesthetic conversations with Raiders owner Mark Davis influenced the design. The stadium’s cylindrical form, clad in black metal and glass, draws inspiration from the sleek lines of black sports cars, particularly Maseratis. The tilt and LED-lit S-shaped bands echo the Raiders’ iconic silver and black colors.

Form and Function

Beyond aesthetics, the black glass facade serves a functional purpose, protecting the interior from the intense Nevada sun. The design also incorporates sustainable features, such as a rainwater collection system for landscaping, showcasing a holistic approach to architectural and environmental considerations.

Interior Elegance

The interior spaces follow the sleek, black-dominated theme, creating a cohesive visual experience. The stadium’s seating, detailing, and club spaces align with the sophisticated design language, providing an immersive environment for spectators.

Monumental Torch

A standout feature is the world’s largest 3D-printed object – a torch sculpture honoring Raiders coach and owner Al Davis. Lit before games, it adds a symbolic touch to the stadium’s identity.

Architectural Triumph in Las Vegas

Manica Architecture sees Las Vegas as an exciting landscape for architects, marked by flexible approvals and ambitious projects like the Sphere. Allegiant Stadium, with its fusion of form, function, and sustainability, stands as a testament to the city’s dynamic architectural scene.

Super Bowl Showdown

As Super Bowl 58 takes center stage at Allegiant Stadium, the architectural marvel becomes a backdrop for sporting glory, symbolizing the intersection of cutting-edge design and the power of athletic competition.


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