Aquellum: A New Architectural Marvel in NEOM’s Landscape of Innovation


NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, January 10, 2023 – NEOM’s ambitious vision takes another leap forward with the announcement of Aquellum, a revolutionary community that redefines the future of urban living. This article dives into the architectural and conceptual intricacies of Aquellum, the latest addition to NEOM’s burgeoning portfolio of innovative regions.

1. Visionary Integration with Nature: Aquellum stands as a testament to NEOM’s philosophy of harmony between architecture and environment. Concealed within a 450-meter-high mountain range along the Gulf of Aqaba, this hidden ecosystem is crafted to push the boundaries of innovation, blending nature with futuristic design.

2. A Journey to the Future: Access to Aquellum is nothing short of extraordinary. The entry begins at the world’s first floating marina, leading to a concealed underground canal. This unique approach to connectivity is more than just a transit route; it’s an experience in itself, offering visitors a first glimpse of Aquellum’s subterranean wonders.

3. The Architectural Marvel: Once inside, visitors encounter a vertical expanse reaching 100 meters high, stretching from water to sky. This architectural feat is not just about scale; it’s about creating a digitalized community that seamlessly integrates diverse spaces, including hotel accommodations, apartments, retail areas, leisure, and entertainment zones.

4. A Dynamic Community Hub: Aquellum is designed as a vibrant, interconnected space. A dynamic boulevard winds through the community, linking social spaces, world-class hospitality, immersive arts, events, shopping, and dining experiences. This is a place where every walk through the community is an exploration of innovation and luxury.

5. A Home for Innovation: True to NEOM’s commitment to fostering creativity, Aquellum houses ‘The Generator,’ a hub for disruptors, innovators, and creative thinkers. This space provides a platform for reimagining the future, housing unique research labs and collaborative spaces.

6. Seamless Internal Mobility: The community’s internal transit system is an example of functional and futuristic design. It provides omnidirectional access across Aquellum, ensuring that residents and visitors can effortlessly navigate this vertical landscape, from the subterranean depths to the breathtaking rooftop gardens.

7. Commitment to Conservation and Innovation: Aquellum is not just about architectural marvels; it’s about sustainable and innovative living. Aligned with NEOM’s environmental ethos, this development complements its coastal location, integrating conservation principles in every aspect of its design.

8. NEOM’s Broader Vision: Aquellum is part of a larger initiative by NEOM to develop sustainable and innovative tourism destinations in the Gulf of Aqaba. It follows the recent announcements of Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, and Norlana, each contributing uniquely to the region’s transformation.

In conclusion, Aquellum is more than a development; it’s a bold statement of NEOM’s vision for the future of living. It combines technological innovation, sustainable practices, and architectural brilliance, setting a new standard for luxury, creativity, and ecological harmony. As NEOM continues to unfold its ambitious plans, the world watches with keen interest at this pioneering approach to urban development.


Key Highlights of Aquellum:

  1. Location and Integration with Nature: Aquellum is hidden within a towering mountain range, showcasing a harmonious blend of nature and futuristic design.
  2. Access and Entry: The journey to Aquellum begins at the world’s first floating marina, where guests board a vessel to enter through an underground canal, marking an innovative approach to seclusion and exclusivity.
  3. Architectural Design: The complex features a 100-meter-high vertical structure with a courtyard extending from water to sky, embodying a subterranean community that integrates hotels, apartments, retail, leisure, and entertainment zones.
  4. Internal Dynamics: A dynamic boulevard connects various social spaces, including world-class hospitality, arts, events, shopping, and dining areas. ‘The Generator’, a standout feature, houses research labs for creative minds, fostering innovation and future-forward thinking.
  5. Transit System: An omnidirectional internal transit system provides effortless access throughout the complex, including to rooftop gardens offering spectacular coastal views.
  6. Sustainable and Innovative Commitment: Aquellum is a testament to NEOM’s dedication to conservation and innovation, complementing its coastal environment and reinforcing the region’s status as a hub for sustainable tourism.
  7. Context Within NEOM: This project joins the ranks of Leyja, Epicon, Siranna, Utamo, and Norlana, all part of NEOM’s initiative to develop sustainable tourism destinations along the Gulf of Aqaba.


Aquellum stands as a symbol of NEOM’s commitment to pioneering luxury, innovation, and lifestyle. Its unique architectural approach and integration with the natural environment not only redefine luxury but also set new standards in sustainable and innovative development. As NEOM continues to unveil these visionary projects, the world watches with anticipation, witnessing the creation of a new future in architectural design and eco-friendly living.


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