The AR House Awards honor creativity and quality in home design, emphasizing ingenuity and the nucleation of novel concepts in domestic architecture. Since their launch in 2010, the awards have served as a major milestone for architects worldwide, giving them a forum to exhibit innovative residential designs.


The purpose of the AR House Awards is to recognize and reward homes that push the limits of domestic architecture while exhibiting inventiveness and innovation. The prizes, which are available to any home built within the last five years, highlight inventive design solutions in projects of all sizes and budgets. Every entry is evaluated by a knowledgeable, multinational judging panel to guarantee a high caliber of evaluation and acknowledgment of outstanding work.

Awards Objective

The main goal of the AR House Awards is to recognize and honor homes that are the epitome of innovative architecture and uniqueness. These honors give architects a chance to be recognized globally for their creative residential designs. The potential of the winning entries to progress the house design typology and present fresh concepts and methods of residential architecture is taken into consideration.


The awards are open to:

  • Any house completed within the last five years
  • Projects of any budget and location
  • Both new constructions and renovations

Judging Process

Entries are assessed by a panel of expert judges with diverse backgrounds in architecture and design. The judging process involves:

  1. Initial Review: All submissions are reviewed by the panel, who shortlist projects based on creativity, innovation, and design excellence.
  2. Site Visits: The shortlisted projects are visited by an independent critic and photographer to evaluate the design and execution in detail.
  3. Final Selection: Based on the site visits and further deliberations, the judges select the winning project.

Benefits for Entrants

  • Global Exposure: All participating projects are listed on the AR House Awards website, including photographs and links to the practice’s work.
  • Professional Recognition: The awards provide a prestigious platform for architects to gain recognition from peers and the wider architectural community.
  • Independent Critique: Shortlisted projects receive an independent critique, providing valuable feedback and exposure.

Participation and Submission

If they would like to enter the AR House Awards, architects and design firms should prepare their proposals in accordance with the program’s requirements. The AR House Awards website has comprehensive details regarding the requirements, dates, and entry process.

Architects can participate in the AR House Awards to showcase their creative work and add to the growing conversation on residential design.

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