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The Department has recently invested in state of the art large laboratory facilities at the Here East site in London’s Olympic Park and has joined forces with the Bartlett School of architecture (BSA) and the Institute for Environmental Design Engineering (IEDE) to launch a new Master of Engineering programme in Engineering and Architectural Design(

The Department has a thriving fire research group that just recently launched a MArch in Fire Safe Design.

This position has been created as part of a UCL-wide initiative to bring the highest level of fire safety knowledge to the design and management of the UCL Estate. The project, Fire Safe Estate, is centred around the development of key research initiatives in the context of a generation of fire safety tools that support the practise; in particular, the management of a complex Estate. Furthermor e, research conducted as part of this project is expected to support modern training and education in the field of fire safety and fire safe design. Specific problems that have been identified are building envelopes, novel technologies, complex and bespoke laboratory facilities, timber structures, etc.

About the role

This is a 2-year position available to start from April 2024. The Research Associate will conduct research in one of the following areas: fire safe building envelopes, fire safe novel technologies, fire safe complex and bespoke laboratory facilities, and/or fire safe timber structures. Furthermore, the Research Associate will be involved in coordinating research by the team. The team consists of 6 PGR students and 4 MArch students, as well as two other Research Associates. A key component of the research agenda is to transform the knowledge generated into training and educational tools, in as such the Research Associate is expected to perform research that involves classroom activities as well as continuing professional development. These activities will involve laboratory work as well as modelling and the use of analytical tools.

About you

The Research Associate will identify key areas of fundamental fire research that need to be conducted, develop the necessary experimental, theoretical and computational methodologies to address these research areas, and engage with current fire safe design practise and education. The Research Associate will invest time in scholarship, professional development and research to underpin research-based education in areas that span architecture and engineering and overlap with fire safe design. This includes awareness of ARB/RIBA/CIBSE/JBM criteria for Accredited Architectural & Engineering Education, preparation of classes and teaching materials, setting and marking assignments, administration (record keeping, student feedback etc.), keeping up to date with relevant research, learning and teaching developments particular to the programme, including UCL initiatives. The Research Associate will need to demonstrate a deep understanding of fire dynamics, fire safety related experiment al methods and fire safety modelling techniques and approaches, and have an interest and basic knowledge of building design, construction and management.

If you have any queries regarding the vacancy or the application process, please contact Michael Woodrow ()

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