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Yale in London offers Yale University undergraduate students an opportunity to take Yale courses at the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London. Classes are small (fifteen students maximum) and are delivered in a seminar style that offers students a unique opportunity to learn and discuss key course themes with their professors. Faculty for the programme consists of Yale faculty, research staff at the Paul Mellon Centre and academics based in the UK.

The Yale in London programme consists of one longer Spring Term and two shorter Summer Sessions each year, and is structured as follows:

  • The Spring Term runs from January to April, for fifteen weeks with a two-week break. It includes four courses that are each taught once a week.
  • The Summer Session One Term runs from June to July for six weeks with no break. It includes two courses that are each taught twice a week.
  • The Summer Session Two Term runs from July to August for six weeks with no break. It includes two courses that are each taught twice a week.

We are currently seeking UK-based faculty for our spring and summer courses from spring 2025 through summer 2026.

Applicants are invited to propose courses for any of the terms and sessions between spring 2025 and summer 2026, and may apply for more than one term. Courses should be in the humanities, especially in the fields of art history, history, literature, politics and architecture. Courses must make use of collections and resources (museums, archives, other institutions) in London and elsewhere in the UK and/or use UK-based sites as a part of the course. We encourage courses that have an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach and topics related to Britain’s colonial history are welcome.

Experiential learning is critical to the Yale in London programme, and applicants are encouraged to suggest potential trips, workshops and guest speakers as part of their proposal. The Centre’s staff will be available to support planning and delivery of day trips as well as longer trips within the UK.

Responsibilities include:

  • designing, preparing and developing your course and teaching materials
  • either leading thirteen seminar-style classes, which are scheduled once a week over fifteen weeks (with a two-week break) in the spring, or leading eleven seminar-style classes, which are scheduled twice a week over six weeks in the summer.
  • grading and marking assignments and final examinations (an average of three to four in total)
  • meeting with students for feedback on assignments and academic progress
  • leading and planning trips and visits for on-site teaching across London and other relevant locations in the UK
  • inviting guest speakers to join classes or site visits

Term Dates

We are looking for two UK-based faculty members for spring and summer terms. There are eight positions available across 2025 and 2026.

  • 1 Spring 2025: 20 January – 2 May (two positions available)
  • 2 Summer 2025, Session One: 9 June – 18 July (one position available)
  • 3 Summer 2025, Session Two: 7 July – 15 August (one position available)
  • 4 Spring 2026: 19 January – 1 May (two positions available)
  • 5 Summer 2026, Session One: 8 June – 17 July (one position available)
  • 6 Summer 2026, Session Two: 6 July – 14 August (one position available)


  • Weekly sessions with students:
    • ᵒ Spring: 2.25 hours × once a week, totalling 31.5 hours over fifteen weeks
    • ᵒ Summer: 2.25 hours × twice a week, totalling 27 hours over six weeks
  • Developing the course prior to the start of term and weekly class preparation: 70 hours
  • Course trips and visits: up to 35 hours depending on travel to on-site teaching location/s

Fee: £6,300 p.a. pro rata plus expenses related to teaching up to a maximum of £200. Travel within London is not covered, but there will be provision for faculty travelling into London from outside Zone 9.

Applicants must have a PhD in a relevant field, or equivalent experience. Previous teaching experience is strongly preferred.

About the Paul Mellon Centre

The Paul Mellon Centre was established in London in 1970 through a generous gift to Yale from Paul Mellon with the aim of promoting the study of historic British art. Today, the Centre is a vibrant research hub that thinks expansively about Britain and its complex cultural histories and contemporary contexts. It is the sister institution to the Yale Center for British Art and supports scholarship through its research programme, publications and grants and fellowships programme. Since the 1970s, the Centre has also provided the Yale in London programme which includes a full spring semester and two six-week summer sessions each year. Students earn Yale credits for all sessions.

Application Process

Please apply using our web application form available via the ‘Apply’ button above

If you have any issues applying or have any queries with the web application form, please contact the HR team at

The deadline for applications is 10 am on Monday 2 October 2023. Applicants will be informed by the end of November 2023 if they have been successful.

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