With great pleasure, BeeGraphy announces the launch of the BeeGraphy Design Awards, an innovative contest that aims to push the limits of computational design creativity and innovation. Architects, designers, engineers, and creative enthusiasts are invited to enter this competition to show off their skills, win big cash awards, and receive international recognition. The awards, which honor the convergence of sustainability, technology, and art, provide a special chance for entrants to make an impression on the design community.

Competition Categories

The wide range of challenge categories offered by the BeeGraphy Design Awards encourages competitors to investigate the nexus between materiality, technology, and design. Art & Collectibles, DIY & Engineering, Urban Furniture & Installations, Fashion & Jewelry, Furniture & Home Furnishing, Education, Dynamic Structures, Building Facades, and Open Innovation are some of the categories. This competition offers a platform for developing ground-breaking goods and inventive architecture while bringing commonplace objects to life in novel and fascinating ways.

Esteemed Panel of Jurors

It gives us great pleasure to introduce the esteemed panel of jurors for the BeeGraphy Design Awards, which consists of prominent figures in the domains of engineering, design, and architecture. These jurors ensure that the most imaginative and exceptional concepts are acknowledged and appreciated by bringing a wealth of experience and an acute eye for innovation. You may find out more about our distinguished jurors on the Jury website.

Prizes for Winners

Prizes of great value are in store for BeeGraphy Design Award winners. The winners of the Professional and Student categories will each get an e-certificate, a featured article or interview, and a $1500 cash award. In addition, cash awards, electronic certificates, and feature opportunities showcasing their accomplishments and services to the industry will be given to runners-up and Best in Category winners.

Workshops for Participants

BeeGraphy provides a range of computational design-focused workshops to enhance the competition experience. Important subjects including the Foundations of Parametric Design, Lighting and Urban Design, Fashion and Home Design, and Dynamic and Architectural Design are covered in these seminars. These courses, which are slated for July through October of 2024, are intended to give participants the abilities and information necessary to succeed in the competition. After finishing, participants will obtain certification.

Important Dates for the Competition

The BeeGraphy Design Awards’ June 12, 2024, registration opening is one of the important dates to note. The dates for submissions range from August 5, 2024, to December 9, 2024, depending on the category. The final submission date for Stage 2 is January 6, 2025. A week following each submission deadline, the community will vote and the shortlist will be announced. January 17, 2025, will mark the announcement of the final results.

Participation Instructions

Register on the BeeGraphy platform, develop your parametric models using the BeeGraphy editor, then submit your work on the BeeGraphy marketplace to be eligible to compete in the BeeGraphy Design Awards. Participate in the community to have your design selected for further consideration and to possibly receive recognition for your creative works.

About BeeGraphy

With BeeGraphy, users can easily build, collaborate, and share parametric models in the cloud using an innovative online platform for computational design. Like Canva, Figma, and Google Docs, the platform has an intuitive visual programming interface that allows for real-time collaboration and dynamic alterations. Because BeeGraphy’s methodology keeps designs adaptable and functional, it’s a priceless tool for educators, designers, engineers, and architects. Being a part of this revolutionary movement is made possible by the BeeGraphy Design Awards, which highlight ideas that combine technology, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

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